Ibiza – The Island of Turquoise Waters, Gorgeous Sunsets, and so Much More

Home to some gorgeous sunsets, beautiful landscapes, fascinating beaches, and friendly people, Ibiza is an all-in-one stop to make your holiday trip unique and fun. The Spanish Island is beautiful and is one of the best places in Europe to visit with your family.

The place was on my travel list for a long time, and I finally decided to make my move with my family. Since I usually travel with family, dancing to some beats on the beaches in Ibiza and exploring the fascinating places with them sounded like the best plan.

The place is one of the best destinations in Europe if you love to participate in fun activities, but what might also surprise you is that Ibiza offers the tranquillity and adventurous activities that your family needs—planning to visit this beautiful place in the near future? This guide got you covered.

Where is Ibiza Located?

Ibiza – Eivissa, known in its native Catalan Language, isn’t very hard to pinpoint on the map. It is located off the Southeastern Spanish Coast in the Mediterranean Sea. The Island is the third largest out of all the Balearic Islands and is 150 km (93 miles) away from the city of Valencia, Spain.

Its location makes it the home to some of the most exceptional beaches with golden powdery sand and turquoise waters, and Ibiza for sure holds a sight worth seeing. However, apart from its picture-perfect scenery, the place is known for some great activities that people travelling with families or even solo can enjoy. 

Cala Benirras

What Activities Should You Do when in Ibiza?

While the celebrity lifestyle and the nightclub shenanigans might make Ibiza give off a very party-ish vibe, this is certainly not the case. While this city might be one of the best places in Europe to let loose, it has so much more to explore than many people assume.

Ibiza is a family-friendly island with calm, kid-friendly water and some boredom-busting adventures to partake in. You will never have to worry about family fun activities to participate in while staying in Ibiza. Want to know what they are? Hop on below.

Discover Your Private Beach


Visiting Ibiza and not spending time on the beach can be one of the biggest regrets. There are various spots where you can lay down under the sun while your kids play with sand, and you both can have a great time.

However, I will let you in a secret that a local told me about. Ibiza is known for its beaches, and if you hop in a car and drive off for some time, there is a picture-worthy and calm crowd-free stop waiting for you to take over. The only thing is that you must be willing to find it. Some stops I can personally name which might be crowd-free are:

  • Cala Llentrisca – the nearest to Ibiza and the perfect peace palace
  • Sol d’en Serra – secluded, waiting for you to take over
  • Portinatx – is perfect for families and even has shops nearby.

Cap Blanc Aquarium

Aquariums aren’t only a fun place for kids of all ages but a learning experience too. If you are travelling with a family with kids, make sure to add the Cap Blanc Aquarium to your to-do list.

Located just outside San Antonio, the aquarium houses a unique and wide range of Mediterranean wildlife that will intrigue your kids to the point of curiosity. However, the gorgeous wildlife isn’t the only thing that fascinated them; the infrastructure of the place was something that piqued our interest too.

The aquarium has a massive main exhibit formed in the shape of a vast cave entrance with many walkways branching inside. The place overall was a surreal experience, especially for my kids.

On our way back, we discussed fun facts about some marine life we saw at the museum, and it was a splendid trip overall.

Go Cycling along the Coast

Cala Saladeta beach

Ibiza has excellent weather for most of the year and is one of the best places to visit from March to October. Hence, if you are visiting within this time frame, I would suggest you chip in cycling on your schedule too.

Several private companies let you hire bicycles or give you a complete group guide. Cycling along the coast will be one of the best activities as a family. With the salty ocean winding and flowing through your hair and all of you pedalling while observing the scenic beauty in front of you, there will be some genuine smiles and a lot of good memories you will make.

If you have young kids, I suggest you do this activity at the end of the day when the sun is dawning. This will not only be a surreal sundown experience, but all the pedalling will make your kids worn out, and they will sleep early that night.

Visit the Es Cana’s Hippy Market 

Hippy market

The Island of Ibiza is the getaway spot for all freethinkers and artists who leave a legacy behind. Hence, in honour of the rich heritage and beautiful and versatile culture Ibiza holds, a hippy market is held every Wednesday in El Cana on Ibiza’s eastern shoreline.

The town’s Punta Arabi district is the central market hub, where hundreds of stalls are put up selling all kinds of homemade clothes, gifts, art, and so much more. 

The market is a burst of liveliness within the small square, with live music playing and the bustle of visitors chatting happily and bargaining with the traders. The hippy market is an Ibiza speciality that sets the Island apart. Hence, I highly encourage you to visit this place with your kids and bring a few souvenirs home.

Walking Ibiza – Hiking with a Twist

Beautiful views during a hike

My kids are the biggest fans of playing treasure hunts. So, when I found out that walking in Ibiza incorporates this little fun activity while hiking, I knew I had to sign up. 

Treasuring hunting is a great activity, and many kids enjoy it. So, if you are someone who wants to experience the peace and calm of the forest side on foot but also wants your children not to get bored, Walking in Ibiza will be your best friend.

While hiking, the guides not only educate you on different means but also host a fun treasure hunt for kids. Additionally, the kids are made to talk to each other in Pirate Lingo while on their ‘adventure,’ which adds to the fun.

Once the two hours’ worth of fun-filled and pretty informative hike is over, the rest of the day is spent kayaking in the ocean and experiencing the secret caves and billionaire’s Island with the guide. We had a great experience, and to say my son won the treasure hunt was a bonus to the fun.

A quick tip I would give you is to wear shoes for the hike, but please don’t forget to put in sliders or flip-flops for the beach when you pack for this activity.

Enroll in the MinIbiza Workshop

For those of you who have toddlers or small kids, hiking or some adult activities might not be the best option for them, and neither will it intrigue them. So, what do you do when you have a toddler in tow?

Well, minIbiza is precisely where you should end up at. The service is a great place to keep your toddlers and small kids’ little minds and tiny hands busy. The service is a babysitting centre that hosts many kid-friendly workshops like cooking, gardening, art, etc.

These activities will not only allow them to let their energy loose but will be a great source of polishing their motor and physical development skills. Moreover, this place allows parents to indulge in activities with their kids. Hence, all of you can make some good memories while having fun.

Explore the Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila

Are you bored with all the beach runs and crowded markets? Make some time to explore the fascinating Dalt Vila. This place is a dream come true for people who love history and unique architecture like my family and to be honest, and it was amazing to explore a UNESCO world heritage site.

This 2000-year-old town with ancient walls and great statues is something that will increase your interest in history and architecture on the spot. The Dalt Vila is also the highest point on the Island, so make sure you are ready to capture one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Since we went late in the afternoon, we decided to stay and watch the sunset and believe me. It was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights. We also explored other parts of the town meanwhile and got a chance to see some absolutely stunning and colourful houses.

Participate in Water Activities

Since you are visiting an Island, what will be the point of coming back home without participating in intriguing water activities? From kayaking to scuba diving and kite surfing, you will get the chance to do it all here in Ibiza.

The fun water sports activities allow you to explore a different side, and you will not have to worry about booking trips in advance either. You can go snorkelling, sky diving, sailing, or any other activity you would like to do in the beautiful clear turquoise waters of Ibiza.


Spain is pretty in general; however, Ibiza is something that will intrigue you towards it with the picture-perfect scenic beauty, the variety of seafood it offers, and access to historical places all in one. So, scratch this place off your bucket list fast and gather a lifetime of memories with this beautiful Island bound to take your heart away.

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