What you want to know before visiting Aruba!

The fascinating and beautiful Aruba might not be one of the most popular destinations in the world, but it is a lovely Island with various places to explore and things to do. This tiny Island is one of the safest Islands in the world, and exploring it with my family was one of the best travel decisions I have made so far.

Even though many people suggested I opt for a different destination, the gorgeous beaches, fascinating landscapes, numerous farms, and hospitable people attracted me to this beautiful Island.

My family and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Aruba, and if you are someone planning on visiting this country with your family, read the article below and learn all about the amazing places of this country you can explore with them.

Where is Aruba Located?

Aruba is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches, yet it is not known to many people and where it is located is one of the most common questions. Aruba is a country that falls under the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and it is located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea. This is also one of the reasons why you will find some amazing beaches on this Island.

Beautiful sandy beaches

Aruba is located only 24 kilometers away from the north coast of Venezuela and only about 78 kilometers away from the northwest of Curacao. Aruba is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and most beautiful Islands, and visiting such a gem of a place with your family is a must.

If you are willing to learn more about this exotic country, keep reading the article to find out everything you should know about it. Let’s move on to other details without any delays.

How to Get to Aruba?

How to get to Aruba? Believe me, and it is not as tough as people assume. Aruba is a developing and advanced country that is dedicated to promoting tourism and making life easier for the people residing in this country. It is home to an international airport which is enough to cater to all types of flights, including international and domestic coming in from different parts of the world, including domestic and international flights both.

Aruba is an easy country to get into; apart from necessary vaccines and valid passports, you don’t need anything to explore this country which was also one of the major reasons why I opted to visit this country. American, Canadian, Caribbean, European, as well as South American people are allowed to book flights for this country without a visa.

You can also opt for a cruise ride for a fun adventure along with the trip, as there are various services that connect Aruba with other countries via cruise. If you are postponing your trip to Aruba because of transportation issues, I suggest you do not. Numerous flights from countries all around the world land here easily.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Aruba?

What is the best time to visit Aruba? Well, it is a must question since you are visiting an Island. However, that’s not the case with Aruba. This beautiful Island has the perfect weather all year round. Whether you are visiting during peak summer or winter holidays, you will get the chance to explore Aruba similarly.

How we spend most of our time in Aruba πŸ™‚

Best things to do in Aruba

The windsurfers paradise, Aruba, is a country that celebrates its culture and traditions wholeheartedly. With numerous festivals and fairs occurring every year, Aruba is gradually becoming popular all around the world them. Home to the best beaches and some amazing traditional cuisines, Aruba makes for a great holiday destination.

Aruba is undoubtedly a beautiful and hospitable country. However, there are various places to explore and discover, which means you might get confused about the places to visit, but you don’t have to worry about it because we have got you covered.

Since my family and I visited Aruba this year, we enjoyed exploring the entire place and selected some fun, amazing and adventurous activities and great things you can do here on this gorgeous Island.

Sun Bathe at the Palm Beach

Palm Beach

One thing you can’t deny about the fascinating beaches of Aruba is that they are astonishingly beautiful and peaceful as well. Even with numerous tourists, the gorgeous palm beach of this country is relaxing and calm at the same time.

Another surprising fact about the beaches at Aruba is that the sand is unusually cold, which means even when the sun is shining bright and high, you can walk along the coast on the white sandy beach barefoot. This was one of the best parts about visiting beaches at Aruba because we visited many beautiful beaches here.

Palm beach is specifically popular among the locals and tourists both because resorts and many restaurants are situated near the beach, which makes it easier to access stuff. My family and I enjoyed our time here and played the native beach tennis with the locals. It is super fun and a new experience that made the trip to this lovely beach more fun.

Enjoy a Day with Flamingos

Even though many people have rumored that you will find flamingos on every beach on this Island, it is not true. You can only get the chance to watch a few of them on a private Island. However, it is an amazing experience. These beautiful pink flamingos are harmless, and you can click pictures with them easily as well.

Seeing Flamingos in the wild

Since this private Island is under Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, you can also participate in other activities the resort has to offer. My family and I relaxed on the beach and enjoyed some delicious fresh juices after spending time with the flamingos.

Visit the Butterfly Farm

You might be hearing about a butterfly farm for the first time while visiting Aruba, and believe me, it is one of the fascinating places in the country. Exploring the butterfly farm is not just an extraordinary encounter with nature, but it also helps in learning about the rarer and unique types of butterflies all around the world.

Located near palm beach, this fascinating butterfly farm had been on our list for quite some time. On our way to this farm, we decided to play a game of bingo related to the different types of butterflies, which made the trip better. The lush green farm filled with exotic species of butterflies makes for a great trip, and watching thousands of butterflies in one place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Spend a Day in Oranjestad

Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, is the biggest city in this country. Home to grand malls, shopping streets, luxury stores, branded boutiques, and historical sites, Oranjestad is one of the best cities to explore in Aruba. Even though my family and I visited this city for only a day, we wanted to stay for some more days to explore the city properly.

Colourful houses in Oranjestad

The city hosts the Bon Bini festival every Tuesday at Fort Zoutman and celebrates the arrival of tourists into the city by dressing up in costumes and dancing and twirling all around the oldest building of the city. There are also various stalls that sell local handicrafts, traditional foods, and drinks as well.

While you are in the city, don’t forget to peek around the Renaissance Mall and the National Archeological Museum. This colorful city welcomes tourists with open hearts and gives them the opportunity to enjoy their time in this amazing city.

Explore the Arikok National Park

Are you bored of visiting beaches while staying in Aruba? Well, visit the biggest national park in this country, explore some pretty amazing historical sites, and learn about native species of flora and fauna both. My family and I loved spending our time at this national park because the tour guide knew everything about the park, which helped us learn about this amazing place.

Arikok National Park

Home to the Quadirikiri Cave, Jamonata Hilltop, Fontein Cave, the Boca Prins, and so many other fascinating places, Arikok National Park is undoubtedly the best place to learn about the geography and history of Aruba while experiencing breathtaking sights of the country. You will also find numerous rare animals on this Island. So, make sure to grab the best binoculars and enjoy a great trip.

Discover the Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

Casibari Rock formations

The Casibari and Ayo Rock Formations on this flat Island are bigger mysteries than people assume. The cluster of numerous rocks near the village of Paradera is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Both locals and tourists come to watch this fascinating site. The oddly shaped rocks make for a perfect small hike as there are rails and stairs, which make it easier. Viewing the fascinating country of Aruba from the top of the Casibari Rock Formations is surely an overwhelming sight worth the money and time.

The Ayo rock formation is also quite similar, but it is tougher to hike. However, you will find rock drawings dated back hundreds of centuries at this rock formation. Both of these rock formations in Aruba are great to learn about this country’s history, nature, and heritage.

Go to California Lighthouse

The California lighthouse is the ultimate place to view this beautiful Island from every angle. Located near Arashi beach at Hudishibana, this California lighthouse stands tall in the center and allows you to view scenic Aruba. This lighthouse was named after the steamship wrecked in the 19th century California.

California lighthouse

Apart from paying tribute to the wrecked ship, this lighthouse serves as a popular tourist destination, and watching the entire country from this 30-meter-tall lighthouse is an exceptional experience. You can also spend some time at the beautiful Arashi beach for a more fun trip.

Explore Philips Animal Garden

The Philips Animal Garden is not like your average animal garden, and it was built and developed by Philip Merryweather. He started by rescuing endangered and abandoned animals from all around the country and finally decided to build a safe space and shelter for those animals.

This animal garden is home to some exotic species from all around the world, and you are allowed to play, feed and click pictures with them. Various tours are offered throughout the day, which helps you learn about the animals in the garden and interact with them.

Spend your Afternoon at Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel

The Alto Vista Chapel might not look like the best place to visit, but it is quite popular among tourists and locals both. This beautiful chapel is located near the town of Noord on the hills above the north shore of the sea.

This small yet gorgeous chapel was built in 1952 and is also popularly known as the “Pilgrims Church.” The fascinating labyrinth path to reach this chapel is also a great addition that represents the sacredness of the chapel.

Participate in Numerous Water Activities

Who doesn’t like to participate in water activities while visiting some of the beautiful beaches of the world? Well, everyone does, and fortunately, you get the chance to participate in numerous water activities while staying here. You will get a chance to do it all here in Aruba, from fun-filled activities like kayaking to canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting, and sailing.

Apart from all those activities, my family and I also tried parasailing, paragliding, and water skiing. Participating in all those activities on the beautiful beaches of Aruba was one of the best experiences, and since there are many providers, you will not have to worry about early booking.

The Bottom Line

Aruba is becoming more and more popular by the day because of its fascinating beaches, colorful cities, and lively people who welcome tourists with open hands and do their best to make them feel comfortable. It is a beautiful country to visit with family, friends, or alone and when visiting, make sure to keep the dates of grand festivals in mind to enjoy your trip fully.

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