Everything you need to know about Germany

A trip to Europe was on my list for quite some time, and last year, I finally got the chance to visit this dreamy land with my wife. And I must say, the second we returned to our homeland, we were planning our next trip to Germany.

Since my wife and I are complete opposites, it’s a rare occasion when we find something suited for both of us. Germany has treated us well as it fueled my adventurous dreams while fulfilling my wife’s peaceful and calm desires.

Germans have one of the most interesting and diverse histories in the world. The way they embrace their precious history while maintaining their top spot in the modern world is something that everyone should learn from.

Germany offers a plethora of things to do. Follow this article till the end, as some of them are discussed below.

Where is Germany Located?

Germany is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. It comprises of 16 states and borders countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. Berlin is the largest and capital city of Germany.

You can find everything in Germany as it sits in one of the most beautiful geographical locations. Upon your visit to Germany, you will be welcomed with lush green forests and acres of wide-open fields with unreal colorful flowers. You can also climb a bunch of great mountain ranges to fuel your adventurous side.

As mentioned earlier, Germany has a rich history, so you will find some interesting historic sites and museums. Germany also boasts an approximately 1200 km coastline along which you can find some of the most beautiful beaches.

Germany is considered one of the leading countries when it comes to the industrial revolution, and rightfully so as Germany is home to some of the finest car companies like Audi, BMW, etc. Due to their modern approach, they have created some of the marvels of modern architecture.

Germany’s proximity with other countries like France and Switzerland is reflected in their traditional foods. Even though some of their traditional foods like beer and bread might not sound that exciting, but when you dive deep into the 300 different types of bread available in Germany, you will be shocked.

How to Get to Germany?

I guess we have talked enough about Germany to persuade you to pay a visit. Now let’s have a quick look over some ways you can get to Germany. Even though there are many ways to get to Germany, each of them is special in its own way.

By Road

As we are all aware that Germany has been one top in producing some of the finest automobiles for the last 5-6 decades, it is a no-brainer that they have one the most modern and state-of-the-art road networks. Therefore, If you are somewhere close by to Germany, you can easily travel by road. This option is also good for adventurous individuals as they can sightsee along the way.

You can also travel inside Germany via car as you can easily rent a luxury car for quite cheap and explore the cities. In my opinion, cars are the best for medium-range travel as the top-notch road network, and infrastructure makes it quite easy to travel by road.

By Air

If you live somewhere far away from Germany or just don’t have time or energy for a car trip, you can easily travel via plane. Even though it is quite expensive, it is the fastest way to travel long distances.

By Water

Since Germany is equipped with a 1200km long coastline, traveling via sea is very easy. You have multiple options when it comes to sea travel. You can travel via luxurious ferries if you want more of a relaxing experience. You can also choose to travel in standard boats, which is considerably cheaper but can cause sea sickness due to the to and fro motion.

Best Places to Visit in Germany

So now that you know how to get to Germany let’s discuss some of the places that you should visit. As mentioned earlier, Germany has a rich history and has substantially evolved since then, but they have all their old relics and historic sites intact. This makes Germany a beautiful mix of heritage and modern infrastructure, which adds to its beauty.

Whether you are a quiet and peaceful person who likes solidarity, or a wild and adventurous person who likes to take on challenges, Germany has got something for all of you. For our venturesome friends like me, Germany has a long range of mountain peaks waiting to be summited. Our dauntless friends can also visit Erding and try the largest water park in Europe. My visit to Erding water park was the highlight of my vacation.

If you are more of a calm and quiet person like my wife, Germany boasts a wide variety of museums and historic sites awaiting you to pay a visit. As a fellow introvert, my wife really loved strolling along the clean coastlines at the time of sunset, as the peaceful environment cleanses your mind of all worldly worries.

Since I have been on vacation to Germany, I have seen quite a few places across Germany listed that are worth a visit. If you are also planning a trip to Germany, this list might help you as it comprises the finest locations Germany has to offer.

WWII Landmarks and Memorials

WWII goes down in history books as one of the most catastrophic events. It is estimated that around 75 million people died in that war. Even though the war ended on 2nd September 1954 for good, the remains of training sites and concentration camps are still present.

Even though a major chunk of those sites was badly destroyed by bombs and airstrikes, some of them underwent restoration and are still standing to this day. Most of these sites are open to the public and can be visited. Some of these sites include.

  • The Holocaust Memorial, which is spread over 4.7 acres consisting of 2711 concrete slabs and was built as a tribute to the Jewish victims.
  • The St. Nicholas Church was considered the tallest building in the world till 1876 and served as an orientation marker for the allied forces. But because of the bombing, it was partially destroyed in 1943.
  • Mittelbau-Dora Memorial was a Nazi concentration camp that was considered very dangerous as 1 in 3 prisoners there didn’t survive. Now it serves as a memorial and a museum.

Berlin Wall

While not the most complicated marvel of architecture you are going to find in Germany, the berlin wall is of great importance to the Germans and the rest of the world. It was built in 1961 to separate east Germany from west Germany. This was done so that the people from the east were not able to escape to the west. Hundreds of people died trying to escape from the east.

Even though this wall was torn down in 1990, the remains, which are now covered in graffiti, remind passersby of the harsh times. The berlin wall is divided into 14 sections, each of which reflects a different part of history.

Since the wall is around 96 miles, covering even one part of the wall will be quite hard if you are on foot. Therefore, when we visited the berlin wall, we got ourselves a pair of bikes which eased our sightseeing journey.

Brandenburg Gate

Built in 1791 for King Fredrick William, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was considered the first neoclassical structure in the city. It stands tall at an impressive 26 meters. The striking four-horse chariot on top carrying the goddess of victory gives the Brandenburg gate a distinct look.

Since this gate was a part of the berlin wall, it was built as the symbol of division into east and west. Even though the gate is still standing tall and majestic as ever, it was severely damaged during the WWII. To some people, It might just look like a few pillars with a chariot on top, as its royal and dignified look can’t be justified in pictures.

After visiting this impressive ancient relic, you can finally understand why they call it one of the most iconic structures in Germany.

Schloss Neuschwanstein

One of the most iconic palaces of all time that is rumored to inspire Walt Disney to use it in the Disney logo, Schloss Neuschwanstein, was built in 1869 for king Ludwig II. Their design was inspired by operas of Richard Wagner and some medieval legends.

Schloss Neuschwanstein is built on the top of a hill surrounded by lush green forests, making it look like something out of a movie. This palace was opened to the public when King Ludwig II died in 1886, and since then, it has become one of the top tourist attractions of Germany.

As it is one of the most visited castles in Europe, we had to see it. And I must say, even though I am not a huge fan of animated movies, the child in me just got lost while gazing upon this magnificent palace.

Things to do in Germany

Visiting old landmarks and historic sites is not the only thing you can do in Germany. It is a very exciting place that offers things you can’t do anywhere in the world. Since you are on a trip, you can try their wide variety of traditional cuisines and their world-famous beers.

Here is a list of things that my wife and I enjoyed doing the most while we stayed in Germany, which you should try too.

Push Your Limits on the Autobahn

If you are a car person like me, you must know about this dream road that everyone wishes to drive on once in their life. Autobahn Highway in Germany has a special rule that makes it stand out, which is that there is no speed limit. YES, you heard that right, NO SPEED LIMIT.

Even though I am strictly against driving fast in public areas, when the law is giving you a chance, you can’t argue. The best way you can enjoy this Highway is by renting a fast and exotic car, which can be found for quite cheap as Germany is the homeland of fast cars.

Since there are no speed limits on Autobahn, don’t try to go too far when speeding, as you can become a threat to others as well. Always check the car before driving it too fast, as malfunctioning cars can also be a threat when driving fast.

Try the Traditional German Foods

Our favorite Curry Sausage

As I have mentioned earlier, German bread is quite famous all over the world, but it isn’t the only item Germany is famous for. Meat recipes are quite famous in Germany as different kinds of rolls and stews are the staple there.

Another thing that goes with bread and Germany is famous for is Sausages. These long meat fingers go way back to the traditional roots of Germany. Over 1500 different types of Sausages are available there.

Give German Beers a Taste

When you pair a traditional German pretzel with a well-made German Beer, the ultimate taste is born. It is no secret that Germany is famous for its top-notch beer all over the world. Brewing beer is one of the oldest practices alive there.

When I tasted their finest Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, I forgot all the other beers I have tasted in my life.


This comprehensive guide will be the only guide you will need to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Just follow this guide and make sure to visit all the places included. Also, make sure to try all the traditional dishes available in Germany as most of them have a heavenly taste, even the bread.

If you think that you might have to learn German to communicate with the locals, you are wrong. Most Germans can speak and understand English perfectly well. Whenever you pay Germany a visit, make sure to enjoy it to your fullest.

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