4 reasons why you should visit Disneyland Paris in January

We love to visit Disneyland Paris in January, especially right after the Christmas celebrations have ended. In fact, it’s one of our favourite times to go to the parks. Why, might you ask? Here are four reasons why you should visit Disneyland Paris in January!

1. Low prices and great deals

The first reason why you should visit Disneyland Paris in January is the lower prices. With most children in school after New Year’s, January is considered low season in Disneyland Paris. This means that your visit will be much more affordable. We always opt to upgrade to a better hotel or to stay a bit longer. But if your budget is tight, January is probably one of the best times to go to Disneyland Paris.

2. Shorter wait times

Another great reason why you should visit in January is the lower crowds. Especially compared to the number of visitors during the December holidays, the parks feel very peaceful and empty. Most rides, except the very popular ones, have little to no wait. On most days we just breeze through the parks, enjoying rides, meeting characters, and having an occasional hot chocolate. And it’s the perfect time to take family photos without other guests in the background.

3. It’s not as cold as you may think

Most people think that it might be too cold to enjoy your visit to Disneyland Paris in January. And while we have seen some snow in the parks, and had some freezing weather, it’s not as bad as you might think.

On most cold days the sun will be shining, with no clouds or rain. As long as it’s dry, it’s pretty easy to stay warm. Just make sure to wear layers, as it can get pretty warm inside the rides, shops or restaurants.

4. Experience the true Disneyland Paris

The final reason why you should visit Disneyland Paris in January is for people who want to experience the real parks. Without any special theming or entertainment for Christmas, Halloween or birthday celebrations. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of things to experience and characters to meet. But it’s nice to see the resorts without all the decorations and enjoy the true beauty of the parks.

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