Annette’s Diner at Disneyland Paris: How Good were the Burgers?

Annettes Diner at Disneyland Paris burger

Annette’s Diner is one of the most affordable table service restaurants at Disneyland Paris. The restaurant is located in Disney Village near the Walt Disney Studios Park and World of Disney Store. Here you can enjoy classic American-style burgers, fries, and excellent shakes.

But what makes the burgers so special? And should you visit Annette’s Diner during your next stay? Let’s have a look!

Location and Atmosphere

The restaurant is located in Disney Village, which is the area between the Disney Parks and Hotels. The restaurant has a classic American diner feel and is decorated with vintage 50s-style details like jukeboxes. Some of the staff even wear roller skates to bring the food to your table.

As the restaurant is pretty big, with two floors, it can get very crowded and loud during peak times. Make sure to be seated at one of the booths, as the tables are pretty small and really close together. The booths are more comfortable and spacious.

Annette’s Diner doesn’t accept reservations, so you will have to queue up to get in. During peak dinner times, this could mean at least a 30-minute wait. Which is mostly outside, so bring an umbrella or a warm coat if necessary.

Menu and Prices

The menu consists of American fast food classics like burgers, hot dogs, fried onion rings, and their speciality milkshakes. There is even a challenge where, if you can finish the 600g Annette’s Maxi Incredible Burger, you will get a free milkshake. My husband tried this challenge once and was able to finish it, but the milkshake afterwards did him in, and he had a stomach ache for the remainder of the day.

The prices of the menu items are pretty affordable for a Disneyland Paris table service restaurant but might be a bit steep for a burger. A classic burger or hot dog served with French fries starts at €19. If you would like more toppings or a different style of burger, prices can go up to €28 for the biggest 600g burger.

Kids’ meals are €16 and include a starter, main dish (no burger), dessert, and drink. I know a burger is unhealthy, but come on, a kid’s meal in a burger restaurant without a burger? That’s just strange. Then it would be better to order a larger burger and share.

Are Annette’s Diner burgers worth it?

For me, Annette’s Diner is one of my go-to restaurants when I go to Disneyland Paris (which is often!). And while I love the burgers and Annette’s sauce, my husband is not a big fan. But he doesn’t like hamburgers in general.

The burgers are freshly made and cooked to your liking. It’s quality beef making the patty pretty juicy, even though I always ask for a little extra sauce on the side.

The portion size is pretty large, especially the fries that are crispy and served with mayonnaise (I’m Dutch :)) or ketchup. For me, it’s always a challenge to finish the cheeseburger, and I’m pretty full after eating at Annette’s.

You can also use your Disneyland Paris meal plan vouchers at this restaurant, but that’s not a very good deal. There are far better options where you can spend the vouchers, like PYM Kitchen, Downtown Restaurant or even The Steakhouse. Annette’s will only be a meal plan option for us if the other restaurants are full.

About Annette’s Diner

  • Open daily from 9:30 am for breakfast, lunch, and diner
  • No reservations
  • Prices range from €19-€28 for a burger meal
  • Perfect for families and everyone who enjoys a freshly made burger
  • Be on the lookout for the staff on their skates bringing you your food

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