Restaurants in Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris

In our guide to Avengers Campus, you can read all about what there is to experience in this new section in Disneyland Paris. This page is dedicated to the restaurants in Avengers Campus

These are the two new restaurants:

  • Pym Kitchen
  • Stark Factory

We tried them both and are happy to share our experience with you. Let’s get started quickly!

Pym Kitchen

PYM Kitchen is all about science. You may know PYM from the Ant Man movies. If this doesn’t ring a bell, no problem, I still can absolutely recommend this restaurant.

PYM particles can enlarge or reduce items. This is reflected in the different dishes in this restaurant.

PYM Kitchen has a buffet where you can eat as much as you like for a fixed amount. There is so much choice that I recommend you try everything!

Often there is a mini version of the food and a huge version like the hot dogs above. Or the mini burgers and tiny fries below.

There are also other dishes on the menu that are a little healthier. Like salads with huge lettuce leaves, various meats, fish and vegetable dishes. And a jambalaya that was really delicious!

What we noticed was that the dishes are very well flavored. Usually in an amusement park they are more bland, so everyone likes them, but the jambalaya for example was nice and spicy. The burgers really tasted like meat and even the fried cauliflower tasted really good.

We tried several dishes and there was nothing we didn’t like.

Of course we also had to try the desserts.

Also very tasty, especially if you like sweets. Do you like savory? Then there are a variety of cheeses to make your own cheese plate.

The most unique item in PYM Kitchen is something you can not eat, but drink. That is the blue chardonnay. You don’t get it in a wine glass, but in a beaker. This fits well with the laboratory theme of the restaurant.

In short, we had a great meal here. The flavors were good and the different small dishes invited us to try as many as possible.

Prices for the buffet are €42 for adults and €30 for kids. This includes a soft drink.

Prefer a cheaper option? Then head over to Stark Factory!

Stark Factory

Stark Factory is the counterservice, or fast food, restaurant in Avengers Campus. Among other things, this means that prices here will be a lot lower than in the adjacent PYM Kitchen.

You’ll also have fewer choices, of course. On the menu are a number of types of pasta, pizza and salads.

I myself chose the raw ham pizza. My favorite pizza that I often make at home. This pizza has a thicker bread crust so you’re already pretty full from a little slice.

The pastas were various types of penne with sauce. My dinner companions – I do not like pasta – found the pasta to taste good, but a bit undercooked.

The pizza was filling, but could have been a bit more flavourful. Despite the raw ham I found the pizza a bit bland. Fine as a snack, but there are better pizzas to get in Disneyland Paris.

Other restaurants

Avengers Campus also has a few other food options. Like the Diner underneath, and two food trucks.

At the Super Diner you can get toasted sandwiches, ice cream and drinks. Nothing special really.

Then there are the two food trucks. One serves hot dogs of which I tried the Incredible Hotdog with cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onions, mustard and ketchup. This one was ok I guess. You mainly taste the ketchup and mustard on it.

Also the dessert offering ath this food truck, the cheesecake on a stick, tasted good. It was exactly like a chocolate almond icecream, but then no ice.

My partner chose the noodles with tofu at the other food stall. He did not really like it, as it tasted very bland, and it consisted mainly of the broth.

As you can see, there is plenty to eat at Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris! Which restaurant will you choose?

Ready to explore Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris?

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