Best Disneyland Paris hotels for adults

Disneyland Paris is a magical destination for young and old, including adults! After all, going to Disneyland as an adult is not at all crazy. You can have a blast here, feel like you’re in a different world for a while, and you’re genuinely not the only adult there.

One of the hardest choices is the hotel you stay in. Because, of course, it shouldn’t be too childish. That’s why these are the best Disneyland Paris hotels for adults!

Disneyland Hotel (closed for refurbishment)

The Disneyland Hotel is the flagship hotel of Disneyland Paris and is located right next to the two theme parks. If you stay in the luxurious Castle Club, you can even book a room overlooking the castle. It could hardly be more romantic.

The hotel’s location means you’ll be back in your room in no time when the parks are closed, it’s raining, or when you feel like a nap.

And thanks to the swimming pool and Spa, you can also get totally pampered here.

Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

This is the second most expensive hotel in Disneyland Paris after the Disneyland Hotel. The rooms have recently been completely renovated, making them feel luxurious. Although the hotel has a Marvel theme, you can stay here even if you are not a fan. In fact, the hotel’s interior is quite neutral and feels more like a New York skyscraper.

A striking feature of this hotel is the Skyline bar with large TV screens as windows that give you a view of New York. Another thing you definitely don’t want to miss is dinner at Downtown Restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for difficult eaters as they serve Italian, American and Chinese dishes.

And want a romantic dinner? Then book a table at Manhattan Restaurant for a chic night out.

Disney Sequoia Lodge – Golden Forest Club

Disney Sequoia Lodge is a large hotel with a main building with several lodges. For adults, we recommend the Golden Forest Club. This is a special section located at the top of the main building.

The rooms are a bit more expensive, but you get a number of extras, including a private check-in desk, access to an exclusive lounge with free snacks and drinks, and breakfast is also included in your stay.

We usually book this when we go to Disneyland Paris as a couple because you have a relaxing stay thanks to the lounge.

Grand Magic/Dream Castle Hotel

The Grand Magic and Dream Castle Hotel are just outside Disneyland Paris. They do not belong to Disney and therefore offer a larger room for a lower price than Disney Hotels. Unfortunately, you can’t walk to the theme parks from these hotels, but they have a free shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes between the parks and hotels.

These hotels are perfect if you like some luxury but don’t want to pay Disney prices. The downside is that you cannot access Extra Magic Time, and you cannot park your car for free in the Disneyland Paris car park.

B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris is the cheapest Disneyland Paris Partner Hotel. It is a budget hotel with basic rooms and few luxuries. But for less than €100 per room per night, you sleep here right next to Disneyland Paris. And breakfast is included in the price.

This hotel is perfect for adults who don’t want to spend too much money staying at Disneyland Paris.

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch

Not a hotel but still worth mentioning, Disney Davy Crockett Ranch is a holiday park about a 10-minute drive from Disneyland Paris. You have all the benefits of a Disney Hotel, like Extra Magic Time and free parking, but don’t stay in a cramped hotel room but in a 6-bed bungalow in a wooded area.

Ideal when you want to spend some time together in addition to time at the theme parks. However, note that the holiday park can only be reached by car; there is no shuttle bus.

So are the other Disneyland Paris hotels not for adults?

The hotels above are obviously not all at Disneyland Paris; there are many more. Are they then not suitable for adults?

Every hotel around Disneyland Paris is suitable for adults. There are even double rooms or suites, especially for a romantic stay.

The hotels that did not make this list, such as Disney Hotel Cheyenne and Disney Hotel Santa Fe, are geared more towards families but, by all means, are suitable for adults. These hotels usually have rooms a little more in keeping with the hotel’s theme, such as Cars or Toy Story, and the hotels tend to be a little noisier.

Also, these hotels do not have a swimming pool or other relaxing facilities. But they are cheaper than all the other Disney Hotels. So it’s just what you’re looking for!

Do you have a good tip, or did I forget a hotel? Then leave your comment below!

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