Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

Most of you will be going to Disneyland Paris for several days. Because of the long trip or to be able to see and do as much as possible. There are lots of places to stay, but the most well-known are the Disneyland Paris hotels. These are the accommodations that belong to Disney itself, and they have quite a few advantages.

The Disneyland Paris Hotels

There are 6 official Disneyland Paris hotels:

Disneyland Paris also has its own bungalow park, the Davy Crockett Ranch.

Which of these accommodations is best depends on your needs. Do you prefer to sleep as close to the park as possible, or do you not mind walking a bit or taking the free shuttle bus? The further from the park you stay, the lower the price.

The hotels below are sorted by distance from the Disney parks and also from expensive to cheap.

Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

The Disneyland Hotel is perhaps the most famous in Disneyland Paris. After all, this is the big, pink building that you see reflected in many of the photos and ads. It stands directly above the entrance to Disneyland Park, which means that it only takes a few steps to get from your room to the entrance of the parks.

Because of its location and 5 stars, this is the most expensive hotel in Disneyland Paris. You will pay about 500 euros per person per night, including tickets. For that, you get a stay in a luxury hotel with spacious rooms and various facilities, including a pool, spa, and gym.

Currently, the Disneyland Hotel is not bookable. This is because it is thoroughly renovated. Both the inside and outside will be updated, and the rooms will get new theming.

Disney’s Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel is the world’s first Marvel-inspired hotel. The hotel has been completely renovated in recent years and opened its doors to visitors in June 2021.

Although it is a hotel with a strong theme, they have done it elegantly. Marvel is mainly seen in the art on the walls. This makes it very suitable for people who are not fans of Marvel but are looking for a nice 4-star hotel in Disneyland Paris.

Another advantage of Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel is the location. It is located next to Disney Village, an area with restaurants, stores, and other entertainment. You can walk to Disney Village in a few minutes from the hotel and reach the Disney Parks in 10 minutes.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

Newport Bay Club is another 4-star hotel in Disneyland Paris that is about a 15-minute walk from the parks. As a result, it is slightly cheaper than Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel. Both hotels are located on the same lake, across from each other.

The most notable thing about Newport Bay Club is the pool. This hotel has a large outdoor pool with sunbeds. Great to hang out in the summer. Therefore, I would really recommend this hotel if you go to Disneyland Paris in the summer months.

Furthermore, this is a luxury hotel with beautiful, spacious rooms and a great location relative to the Disney Parks.

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

This is my favorite hotel in Disneyland Paris. This is for two reasons, the theme and the location.

Sequoia Lodge is a 3-star hotel located on the same lake as Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel and Newport Bay Club. This gives you a premium location about a 15-minute walk from the Disney Parks. But, because this hotel has one less star, it is much cheaper than the previous two hotels. It is the cheapest option for a good location!

Another reason this is my favorite Disney Hotel is the theme. The hotel is built like a lodge in the mountains. There is a lot of use of natural elements in the hotel, including wood and stone. This gives it a warm feeling, especially in the winter when the large fireplace is lit.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

Don’t mind staying a little further from the Disney Parks? Then Hotel Cheyenne is a good choice. This Disneyland Paris hotel is about a 20-minute walk from the theme parks. But you can also take the free shuttle bus that drops you off at the parks.

The best thing about Hotel Cheyenne is the buildings. This hotel is built like a small town in the wild west, with all low buildings containing the hotel rooms. The town’s streets are car-free, so there is plenty of room for children to move around safely.

And they can even ride horses if they dare! Hotel Cheyenne has the opportunity to ride around on a pony; this is especially fun for kids who have never done this before.

Finally, a brief word about the rooms: these are based on Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story movies. It’s done very subtly, so it’s also a great hotel for adults to stay in.

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Disneyland Paris hotels: what is the best Disney Hotel?

Like Hotel Cheyenne, Hotel Santa Fe is a budget hotel. It is about a 20-minute walk from Disney Parks, but you can also take the free shuttle bus from here.

I personally find this hotel a little less beautiful than Hotel Cheyenne. It feels more like a motel and lacks some atmosphere. The rooms are nice, in the style of the movie Cars.

The big advantage of this hotel is the price. You have the benefits of a Disney Hotel, but for a lower price than the other Disneyland Paris hotels.

The benefits of the Disneyland Paris hotels

There are a lot of hotels, apartments, and vacation parks near Disneyland Paris. So what exactly is the advantage of choosing a Disneyland Paris hotel?

I myself have stayed in almost every accommodation in the area, and I, therefore, speak (write) from experience.

The first advantage of the Disney hotels is the location. You can walk from any hotel to the Disney Parks. You don’t need a car, and if you don’t feel like walking, take the free shuttle bus. The nice thing about this is that you stay in the safe Disney bubble where everything is well organized.

Another advantage is Extra Magic Time. During Extra Magic Time, you can enter the theme parks one hour earlier than other visitors. This is only available to guests of the Disney Hotels or those with a certain type of Annual Pass. You can use this hour to visit certain attractions, where there is normally a long line, with minimal waiting time. Or to take pictures in an almost empty park.

The last benefit also has to do with shuttle buses again. Because you are dependent on a shuttle bus at the other accommodations in the area, either the Partner Hotels or other hotels/holiday parks, and those are often pretty full, so you sometimes have to wait a long time before you can go to the Disney Parks.

When you stay in a Disney Hotel, you can always walk to and from the parks. And the shuttle buses to these hotels are often less crowded.

What is the best Disney Hotel?

The answer to this question is quite personal, but I think I can help you out.

For me, the best Disneyland Paris hotel is Sequoia Lodge. This hotel has a premium location, next to the two 4-star hotels, but at a much lower price. The rooms maybe a little less luxurious, but how long will you really be there?

Another good Disney hotel is Hotel Cheyenne. Of the two budget hotels, this is surely the nicest. It is spacious, has a good restaurant, nice store, and you can walk to the Disney Parks in 20 minutes.

Now, 20 minutes walking seems quite long; in practice, it is not so bad. There is so much to see that you are at the entrance of the parks before you know it.

Do you like luxury? Then I can recommend Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel. Even if you are not a Marvel fan. The location is great, just a 10-minute walk from the parks and next to Disney Village with all its restaurants and stores.

Do you have something big to celebrate? Then, it’s almost impossible not to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. When you step into this hotel, you immediately get a sense of luxury. And if you have some budget, then I would take a room with a park view. What is more beautiful than opening the curtains and seeing the castle?

In short, enough choice! Do you want to know which Disneyland Paris hotel you have chosen?