Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris ride review

Big Thunder Mountain is one of my favourite rides in Disneyland Paris so this review might be a bit biased. No worries; after your first ride on this rollercoaster, you will be a fan too!

This rollercoaster is located in Frontierland, one of the lands in Disneyland Park, themed after the wild west. Most of the ride will take place on an island overlooked by the village and Phantom Manor. To get to the island, you will embark on a wild ride in the dark through an abandoned mine with bats flying over your head.

You will be screaming, laughing and waving at the people walking around the town. But most of all, you will love it if you are a big thrill rides or rollercoaster fan, that is!

Why you don’t want to miss Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris?

In the Big Thunder Mountain train

The main reason why you don’t want to miss Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris is the theming. It’s a well-themed, immersive rollercoaster with impressive speeds, drops and even some sharp turns. And still, it’s not a scary rollercoaster, if you know what I mean?

It’s a bit scarier than a kids’ rollercoaster but not as thrilling as Star Wars HyperSpace Mountain or Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. There is a height restriction of 1.02m, which means that even most children who are brave enough are able to go on it. Actually, it was the first rollercoaster I ever went on as a child, and I have been hooked on this type of ride ever since.

Health Restrictions and disability access

Like most thrill rides, Big Thunder Mountain has some health restrictions. You have to be free of any neck, back, or heart problems and should skip this ride if you are prone to motion sickness. And you shouldn’t ride when you are pregnant.

The ride is accessible, but you will need to transfer into the vehicle without any help from the cast members. You can have family or friends help you, of course.

There are two queues for disability access. People with mobility issues can enter the ride through the exit; there is a booth with a cast member who will guide you to the disability queue. People without mobility issues can use the Priority Card or Easy Access Card to access the ride from the Premier Access queue. This queue is located on the right of the regular entrance, but you need to walk around the corner to find it.

Big Thunder Mountain train entering the station

Is Premier Access worth it for Big Thunder Mountain?

Disney Premier Access is a paid service that gives guests access to a much shorter queue. You can buy Premier Access for Big Thunder Mountain through the Disneyland Paris app.

This is one of the rides where Premier Access can be worth it. It’s not cheap, at €18 per guest per ride during peak season, but it can make a big difference in how many rides you can do on busy days. With wait times for Big Thunder Mountain normally over an hour, Premier Access typically reduces this to 15 minutes or less. That way, you can save a lot of time, which you can use on shopping, eating or rides other rides.

Is Premier Access a little over your budget? Don’t fret; we totally get it, a Disney holiday is expensive as is. Then there are two more ways to reduce the wait for this ride. First, you need to go to the parks as early as possible. Disney Hotel guests can enter the parks one hour earlier, and during that Extra Magic Time hour, Big Thunder Mountain has little to no wait. If you are not a Disney Hotel guest, you need to get to Big Thunder Mountain right at the park opening.

Another way to reduce wait times for this ride is to stick around when the ride breaks down or close due to rain. The ride isn’t closed for long, and once it reopens, you will be one of the first in line.

And finally, if you don’t mind missing the parade or finding a good spot for the Disney Dreams! nighttime show, you can benefit from a shorter queue at Big Thunder Mountain and most other rides in Frontierland, Adventureland, and Discoveryland. Fantasyland is closed before the show for preparations.

Why Big Thunder Mountain should be on your Disneyland Paris to-do list?

  • It’s a fun family rollercoaster with amazing theming.
  • The ride has been around since the opening of Disneyland Paris, and there are versions of this ride in almost all Disney theme parks around the world.
  • Even if you don’t like scary rides or rollercoasters, this one might surprise you!

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