Can you buy Disneyland Paris tickets at the ticket booths?

When you arrive at the Disneyland Parks the first thing you will see before entering are the ticket booths. Here you could buy tickets for 1 day or multiple days, for the Disneyland Park and for the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Could, because for the time being, it’s no longer possible to buy your Disneyland Paris tickets at the booths. Due to the reservation system you need a valid reservation, combined with a ticket, to enter the park. No reservation, no access.

This isn’t necessarily bad, this just means that you have to plan ahead when going to Disneyland Paris!

Where to buy Disneyland Paris tickets?

The best way to buy Disneyland Paris tickets is online through the official website. Why? Because it’s easier to make a reservation afterward!

Your best bet is to buy tickets with a date on them. Why? Because your reservation will automatically be included. So no need to make a separate reservation and you have guaranteed access to the parks.

It is possible to buy tickets for the same day through the Disneyland Paris website, with reservations included, but that’s not advisable as you never know whether they are still available. These tickets are valid 30 minutes after you received the confirmation.

There are some other websites that offer Disneyland Paris tickets, however, always be careful. You never know whether the ticket was still valid until after you paid. Or worse, when you are at the parks. Can you imagine the disappointment when you are refused at the gate?

Another way to get Disneyland Paris tickets

When you book a stay in a Disneyland Paris hotel through the official website, your tickets will be included. The same goes for the reservation. This is the most carefree way to go to Disneyland Paris.

If you book a Disney Hotel, parking is free, tickets are included, and there is even a shuttle bus when you don’t feel like walking to the parks.

How about Disneyland Paris annual passes?

Disneyland Paris Annual Passes are the only tickets you can buy at the booths at the moment.

There are however some things to take into account. First, they are only for sale at the booths at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios park, from 12 to 5.

Make sure you arrive at 12, or preferably a bit before that because the lines can get very long. The amount of open ticket booths is very limited, and it takes at least 15 minutes for them to create an Annual Pass, and do all the paperwork.

Also, even though you bought your annual pass at the gate, this doesn’t grant you access to the park immediately. You will still need a reservation. The best way to get a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass nowadays is to buy one through the website. Then you can start making reservations, 3 at a time. When in Disneyland Paris, you can then get your actual Annual Pass, and then can enter the parks without hassle.

You can buy your preliminary Annual Pass – which includes making reservations – here!

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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