Cars Road Trip in Disneyland Paris review

Cars Road Trip is the newest attraction in Disneyland Paris. You will find this attraction in the Walt Disney Studios Park. If you have visited Disneyland Paris before, you know part of this attraction as the (now closed) Studio Tram Tour.

Is Cars Road Trip worth a visit? We tested it out!

What kind of ride is Cars Road Trip?

Cars Road Trip is a leisurely ride in a tram along Route66. Along the way, you’ll meet a number of characters from the Cars movies, including Lightning, Guido, and Mater.

The highlight is Cars-tastrophy Canyon, which you may also know from the previous version of this attraction. Here, you as a visitor are briefly part of the movie making process.

After this short scene, you drive back to the start of the attraction.

Who is Cars Road Trip for?

Cars Road Trip is a fun attraction for fans of the Cars movies. Especially the younger visitors.

If you are not into Cars, the scene in Cars-tastrophy Canyon will be the highlight of the attraction for you. It is a very meager attraction with very little entertainment. So only go in here if you want to give your feet some rest or if you have young Cars fans with you.

Is Cars Road Trip Worth It?

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t find this to be the most enjoyable attraction. Very little happens along the way. What I liked best was the hippie Volkswagen T1 van – the character named Fillmore – you see above. But other than that, most adults won’t find it very entertaining.

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