Everything you need to know about Disneyland Paris crowds

Disneyland Paris is home to some of the most iconic rides and attractions ever created. But with popularity comes crowds, and Disneyland Paris can get pretty crowded during peak season. So if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to the crowds.

How bad are the Disneyland Paris crowds?

The Disneyland Paris resort tends to see some pretty big crowds, depending on the time of year. During the peak season, you can expect the parks to be busier than usual, with locals and tourists alike flocking in to participate in all the fun.

Crowds can also get pretty heavy during special events like Christmas, weekends or any major holiday. That being said, Disneyland Paris has taken measures over the recent years to ensure visitors have a more enjoyable experience by providing an efficient ride system, plenty of food and entertainment options, and even a park reservation system.

When to visit Disneyland Paris to avoid the crowds?

For guests who want to minimize their time dealing with Disneyland Paris’ infamous crowds, the best time to visit Disneyland Paris is from September to mid-November (avoiding school holidays) and from late January through early March. During these months, temperatures are cooler but manageable, the attractions are not overly crowded, and queues remain relatively short.

Remember that some rides may be closed during those times for refurbishment. And there might not be any additional entertainment offerings like during Christmas or Halloween. Avoiding Disneyland Paris crowds definitely has its benefit, but it also means you are probably missing out on a lot of fun.

The best times of day to avoid the crowds

Timing is key if you’re planning a trip and want to experience a less crowded Disney park. The parks fill up fast, particularly during the peak season, but there are certain times of the day when the crowds are significantly lower.

Make sure to start your day early and be in the parks as soon as they open. If you are a Disney Hotel guest you can enter the parks one hour early during Extra Magic Time. Many popular rides will already be open during that hour and usually have minimal to no wait.

Another time to look for lower crowds is at the beginning of the evening, especially when the parks are open until 11 pm. Many families will return to their hotel rooms or have dinner, returning later to enjoy the fireworks, resulting in lower wait times.

How to deal with crowds at Disneyland Paris

Crowds are something you can’t avoid when visiting Disneyland Paris. But with some preparation and planning, you can make the experience more enjoyable.

First, plan your trip and book any tickets or reservations before arriving. This includes dining reservations for your favourite restaurants. Don’t wait until you are in the parks to make a reservation, as usually, they will be gone by the time you arrive.

Another way to handle crowded days is to take advantage of Disney Premier Access. This special ticket lets you jump the queue and avoid long wait times for select Disneyland Paris attractions. You can pay per ride or buy the Ultimate package that includes all the Premier Access rides.

Also make sure to check out Extra Magic Time. This early morning access gives guests staying in Disneyland Paris hotels an exclusive extra hour to explore Disneyland before the general public is welcome.

If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to wait in line, check whether you qualify for a Priority or Easy Access card. That way, you can enter the ride through a special queue with little to no wait.

Finally, make sure to check the park reservation calendar to see how crowded the day will be. If there are still reservations for undated tickets, then the parks aren’t up to their full capacity. Another way to check the expected crowds is by using the price estimate calendar. The lower the price for a stay, the quieter the parks.

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