Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris review

Get ready to go on an underwater adventure with your beloved characters from Finding Nemo! At Walt Disney Studios Park, in Toon Studio, you can join Crush and the gang in one of their most thrilling attractions: Crush’s Coaster. This spinning roller coaster will take you plunging through a series of high-speed turns, dips and dives that will surely bring out some screams (and maybe even tears) for all who experience it. Today I’m here to give my review so you can decide if this coaster is worth experiencing yourself – let’s find out!

About Crush’s Coaster

You’re missing out if you haven’t experienced Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris! This family-friendly thrill ride takes you on a wild journey through the deep ocean with the lovable turtle from the Disney classic, Finding Nemo. The coaster has plenty of twists and turns and even switches directions.

Guests are sitting in a turtle shell-shaped car that dips into the ocean. You will first meet Nemo and Squirt, but soon things go dark, and you find yourself in the shark’s lair. Even though Fish are Friends and not Food, you need to get out of there.

Now the fun starts! Because with a sharp turn and a deep dive, you plunge into the East Australian Current. You will find yourself going forward, backwards, and into complete darkness. Don’t forget to wave goodbye to Crush at the end of the ride.

Health and Height restrictions

Crush's Coaster loading area

Regarding health and height restrictions, Crush’s Coaster might not suit everyone. Guests must be at least 1.07m to go on this adventure. You also need to be in good health and free from any heart problems or back or neck injuries.

Guests with limited mobility might be unable to ride this ride as a transfer is needed, and the cars are very snug. For me, it was really challenging fitting my broken leg and cast inside the shell, and it was pretty uncomfortable and even a bit painful.

Using Premier Access to skip the lines at Crush’s Coaster

Crush’s Coaster usually has the most extended wait in Disneyland Paris. This is due to this under the sea adventure’s low capacity and high popularity.

There are a few ways to avoid the long wait, like going on the ride during Extra Magic Time or late at night before closing. And if you want to skip most of the wait, you can buy Premier Access. This paid service lets you enter the ride from a shorter queue. Usually, it’s still a 15-minute wait, but that’s much better than the 80 minutes or more for the regular queue.

You will need to buy Premier Access for everyone in your party who wants to ride; they don’t allow you to bring someone with you if they don’t have Premier Access.

Crush's Coaster entrance

Who should ride Crush’s Coaster?

Crush’s Coaster is a great ride for everyone who loves thrills and adventure. The drop into the darkness, and the many twists and turns, will bring out screams from even the bravest of riders.

It’s also a perfect ride for those who can’t get enough of Finding Nemo; here, you can see some of your favourite characters, like Crush, Nemo, Squirt, and a larger-than-life Bruce.

But if you’re a bit wary of roller coasters or don’t meet the health restrictions, I’d recommend avoiding this ride. It’s swift and can be pretty intense at times. And if you have mobility issues, always check with a Cast Member at the ride if you can safely enter the vehicles.

My Review of Crush’s Coaster

All in all, Crush’s Coaster is one of my favourite rides at Disneyland Paris. I especially love the part in the EAC where the car starts twisting and turning at high speed. It always makes me giggle, even after riding it over a dozen times.

The only downside to the ride is the extensive wait; Crush never has a short queue, even during Extra Magic Time. We usually buy Premier Access for it, so we don’t have to miss it. But unlike other rides we ride multiple times during our visit, we only go on Crush once because of the queues.

But it’s one of those rides you should not miss when visiting Disneyland Paris. It’s a fun, thrilling adventure that all the family can enjoy. Go and experience it for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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