Visiting Disneyland Paris with a disability

If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris with a disability, we have everything you need to know about the best ways to experience the magic. We’ve collected tips on how to get around and what services are available for guests with special needs.

Disability services

If you or a family member has a disability, some services are available to help make your visit more enjoyable.

On-site assistance is available at both parks and hotels, where trained staff can help with questions or concerns regarding your disability.

  • Those with disabilities will also find that Disneyland Paris offers a special pass, which provides priority access to attractions and entertainment in the parks.
  • There are also rooms designed specifically for those with disabilities at the properties’ hotels; if you require these accommodations while visiting Disneyland Paris, contact their travel agents before booking.
  • Guests with limited mobility can borrow wheelchairs at any park entrance for a daily fee.
  • And finally, there are disability guides available free of charge at the park entrances, in the Disneyland Paris app and at the concierge desk at the Disney Hotels.

Disability rooms in the Disneyland Paris hotels

Most Disneyland Paris hotels are equipped with special rooms ideal for guests with mobility issues. These rooms offer features such as:

  • Accessible bathroom with grab bars and a shower seat
  • Lowered countertops and sinks
  • Wider doorways for wheelchairs
  • An additional telephone with volume control and a visual ringing indicator

These rooms can be booked by calling the Disneyland Paris travel agents. Make sure to book well in advance, as there is limited availability.

Disability rooms in Disneyland Paris hotels
Accessibility room in Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Disneyland Paris disability pass

The Disneyland Paris disability pass is available to those with disabilities and their carers. The pass can be used by people who have any disability, medical condition or impairment that limits their ability to use the park.

You cannot get a disability pass if you or someone in your party has a temporary illness or injury. In that case, Disneyland Paris offers to change or cancel your booking free of charge (until seven days before arriving).

On the Disneyland Paris website, you will find all the disabilities and illnesses that qualify for a disability pass.

Visual impairment

If you are visually impaired, Disneyland Paris offers various services to make your experience more enjoyable. The resort uses the AudioSpot app to offer information about the restaurants and shops and to make attractions and shows more enjoyable. Make sure to bring your own set of headphones if needed.

Guide and Service dogs are allowed in the Disneyland Paris parks and hotels. Ensure to bring all the necessary documentation, as this will be asked upon check-in. The dog may join you in the parks but might not be allowed on rides. It’s good to bring someone with you because the staff cannot care for your dog or look after it.

Also, the dog may relieve itself in the gardens. However, it is expected to pick up after your dog. If you prefer not to bring your dog to the parks, you can either leave him/her in the Animal Care centre near the car park or book a dog cabin in Disney Davy Crockett Ranch.

Hearing impairment

When visiting Disneyland Paris with a hearing impairment, make sure to ask for the special kit in the Disney Hotels upon check-in. This will help make your stay a bit more comfortable.

In the parks, induction loops and handsets are offered in most restaurants, shops, and theatres. Some shows are offered in French Sign Language during the weekend in addition to the induction loop.

Mobility impairments

If you have a mobility impairment, there are a few things to consider before heading to Disneyland Paris:

  • Ride accessibility. Most rides in the park can be accessed with a wheelchair via an alternative entrance. Some will require you to transfer into the ride vehicle or have particular regulations regarding evacuation. More information about this can be found in the accessibility guide.
  • Parking. The Disneyland Paris parks and resorts all offer handicapped parking spaces.
  • Shuttle bus. All Disney Resorts (except Disney Davy Crockett Ranch) and most hotels in the area offer a shuttle service to the Disney parks. The buses are wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotels. All Disney Hotels offer adapted rooms for guests with mobility impairments. It’s best to book these rooms in advance, but you can also request an adapted room upon check-in.

Visiting with a wheelchair

If you are in a wheelchair, Disneyland Paris has several attractions that will accommodate you. Most rides and attractions at the park have been designed to allow guests with mobility issues access. However, there are some limitations to certain attractions.

If you plan to visit the park using a wheelchair, here are some things to consider:

  • Some rides require transferring from your wheelchair into a ride vehicle or vice versa.
  • To access the disability queue, you need either a Priority or Easy Access Card.
  • All restrooms at Disneyland Paris are accessible by wheelchair users. There’s also plenty of space inside each one since the resort uses open stalls rather than traditional enclosed toilets.
  • You can rent a wheelchair at the entrance of both Disney parks, but it’s best to bring your own, as you can’t book them.
Disneyland Paris disability access rides
Some rides in Disneyland Paris might require you to transfer

Other Tips for Disneyland Paris with a disability

  • Download the Disneyland Paris app on your phone to learn more about rides, wait times, opening hours, and restaurants and to find all the accessibility information.
  • You can also ask for the accessibility guide upon check-in, at the concierge desk in your Disney Hotel, or guest services in the two Disney Parks.
  • Arrive early! Crowds at Disneyland Paris tend to increase later in the day, so arriving early means that you won’t have to wait as long before getting on your favourite rides.
  • Make sure to bring any necessary documentation, as the resort is pretty strict.
  • If you need help from another person or cast member at Disneyland Paris during your visit, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. The staff at the resort is very friendly and accommodating when helping guests find their way around or providing assistance getting onto rides/attractions.


Whether you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris with a disability or just looking for ways to make your next visit more accessible, we hope our guide has given you some good ideas. We know that visiting the park can be difficult for anyone with mobility issues, but there are many ways to make it easier for yourself. And if all else fails, remember that Disney staff are always happy to help!

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