Is Disneyland Paris Premier Access worth it?

On our recent trip, we decided to use Disneyland Paris Premier Access. With this special ticket, you get priority access to some of the most popular attractions in the park, like Crush’s Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain and even the two newest rides at Avengers Campus. This isn’t cheap, as it will cost you anywhere between €5 and €20 per person per ride. So is it worth it?

How does Disneyland Paris Premier Access work?

Premier Access gives you access to a separate line that is usually much shorter than the regular one. Typically, it’s actually a walk-on or just a very short wait. To access this queue, you will have to scan your Premier Access QR code. You will get this code after you pay.

There is a cast member present checking whether the code is valid, so nobody can skip the line without buying Premier Access. You will also need to buy it for every member of your party that will be going on the ride. We’ve seen many people being turned away because they wanted to join someone who bought access but didn’t buy it for themselves.

After you scanned your QR code and entered the queue, you won’t be able to use the shorter queue again without buying another Premier Access.

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is one of the Disneyland Paris Premier Access rides

How do I purchase Disney Premier Access?

There are two ways to buy Disneyland Paris Premier Access. The first is through the Disneyland Paris app. You will need to log in to your Disney account or create one to do this, and you can already make that account at home.

Make sure to add your park tickets and the tickets of everyone in your party to your account. Or if you booked a package through Disneyland Paris, you can add the booking, and the tickets will show up automatically.

Then you select the ride, who will join you, and you have to pay.

If you don’t want to use the Disneyland Paris app, you can buy Premier Access at the guest services in both parks. You will receive a printed version of the QR code which you can then scan at the ride.

Make sure to always check the time slot before buying! You will have to ride between those two times, otherwise, your Premier Access won’t work.

What rides are included?

Currently, the following attractions offer Premier Access:

  • Autopia
  • Avengers Assemble: Flight Force
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Cars Roadtrip
  • Crush’s Coaster
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  • Orbitron
  • Peter’ Pan’s Flight
  • Phantom Manor
  • Ratatouille the Adventure
  • Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
  • Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
  • The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Before buying Disney Premier Access for any of these rides, check the wait times first. If they are 30 minutes or up, then buying Premier Access might be worth it, especially if you don’t want to miss the ride. When the queue is shorter than 30 minutes, my experience is to just wait in the regular queue.

What happens if a ride breaks down?

Orbitron, another Premier Access ride at Disneyland Paris

Rides can be temporarily unavailable; unfortunately, this could happen during your Premier Access time slot.

  • Does the ride break down before you use your Premier Access? Then you can use it for the same ride or any of the other rides (with a few exceptions) at any time.
  • And does it break down while you are already in the queue? Then you have two options. Either wait it out or turn around and get back the same way you came in and see the cast member for further instructions.

What is Disney Premier Access Ultimate?

We’ve used Premier Access Ultimate multiple times, and it was such a time saver. With the Ultimate option, you buy Premier Access to all available rides for a single fee, and you don’t have to worry about time slots.

It’s pretty expensive, ranging from €120 to €160 per person per day, and it’s usually cheaper to buy just separate Access to only your favourite rides.

That being said, if your time in Disneyland Paris is limited, Premier Access Ultimate is the best way to experience all the best rides at both parks on a single day. We used it once on a busy day in July and were able to do all the rides in about 4 hours.

Is Disneyland Paris Premier Access Worth It?

Well, Disneyland Paris Premier Access is not for everyone. It’s pretty expensive, especially for the more popular rides. We can definitely see it being a bit too much for larger families.

And you won’t need it anyway on most of the rides. Only Crush’s Coaster, it can be a big time saver. For the other rides just make use of Extra Magic Time, try to visit the rides during a parade or right before closing time. Then the wait times will be much lower than during the day.

We use it on Crush’s Coaster occasionally and only once during our stay. And even though we really liked the VIP experience of the Premier Access Ultimate, it’s not worth it, because it also included rides like Cars Road Trip that usually don’t have a long wait.

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