This will make your house smell like the Disneyland Hotel!

Do you love those smells in Disneyland Paris? The smell of the caves in Pirates, the sweet smell inside the bakery, and the unique smells of the hotels? My favorite is definitely the scent of the Disneyland Hotel. Very floral and strong, but also romantic with a little hint of vanilla.

As soon as you step into the Disneyland Hotel you know immediately what I mean. If you are like me and want some Disney magic in your home, I have a great tip below on how to make your home smell like the Disneyland Hotel.

You can go on Etsy for this and buy a scented candle from there. But there’s another alternative!

Disneyland Hotel scent in your home

Hiermee ruikt jouw huis naar het Disneyland Hotel!

To get the scent of the Disneyland Hotel in your home you will need the following things:

Once the supplies are in, it’s time to make your home smell like the Disneyland Hotel.

  1. Fill the Fragrance Lamp to about half full with the Lampe Berger Powder Amber liquid. Do this carefully because if you spill you will get stains quickly.
  2. Hang the wick in the liquid until the stone seals the lamp. Let the wick hang in the fluid for at least 20 minutes.
  3. After at least 20 minutes, light the stone. This may not be easy the first time, but you will see that the pebble will eventually burn. This flame is quite high so do it in an open area.
  4. Let the stone burn for 2 minutes and then blow out the flame. After this, put the crown on the lamp (not the cap) and you will smell the wonderful scent of the Disneyland Hotel.
  5. After about 20 to 30 minutes, remove the crown from the lamp and put the cap on the stone. Your lamp is now off and can be used again later.

In small rooms without much ventilation, the smell will be quite strong and may even smell like alcohol. At our place, the lamp is in the hall. As soon as I enter, I imagine myself back in the Disneyland Hotel.

Small tip! You can also drip a little liquid on an old cloth and put it out of sight. The smell is then also well present without the flames.

If you think such a lamp dangerous, that’s not true. The flame burns for two minutes, and then you simply blow it out. The stone remains warm, so keep the lamp away from children. But this lamp is not much more dangerous, and maybe even less dangerous, than a candle.

At this time, unfortunately, I have not come across any other scents from Disney hotels. The smell from the American Disney hotels, I usually buy on Etsy. The scents from the Beach Club and the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World are my favorites.

If you have a good tip for other scents from Disney Hotels please send me a message!

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