Is the Disneyland Paris birthday cake worth it?

When booking your Disneyland Paris visit, one of the things you can add is a birthday cake. It’s a pretty pricey cake at £31.80 for 8 people, that’s why we decided to check whether the cake is actually worth it. Or if there are other (cheaper) options.

About the Disneyland Paris birthday cake

The Disneyland Paris birthday cake is available at table service and all-you-can-eat restaurants in the Disneyland Paris parks, Disney Village and Disney Hotels. You can add the birthday treat to your booking or when making your dining reservations. When in Disneyland Paris you can ask the concierge at your hotel or the hosts at the restaurant to add the birthday cake.

When it’s time for dessert, the cake will be brought to your table while the staff sings a birthday song. Some people will love all the attention, but we’ve also seen a lot of embarrassed guests. So keep in mind, that the cake might not be the best option for shy or introverted people.

The birthday cake will be added to your bill if you haven’t paid for it in advance. When you are on the Disneyland Paris meal plan, you can pay for the meal with your vouchers, but you will still need to pay separately for the birthday cake.

Is the cake worth it?

That really depends on your preferences and how much you plan to eat during the other courses. Last week, we were at Downtown Restaurant, an all-you-can-eat restaurant in Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. At this restaurant, people are usually pretty full once it’s time for the birthday cake. And with so many great desserts to choose from, it will be difficult to leave some space for a slice of cake. We’ve seen most people just take a few bites from the cake, and then send it back to be packaged to take it with them.

The cake is delicious though, and looks lovely. It makes the birthday celebration even more festive, and the memories are priceless. However, the cake is pretty expensive and comes as a dessert after a filling meal.

Get the best deal for a birthday celebration in Disneyland Paris


Pastries at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

There are other fun ways to celebrate a birthday in Disneyland Paris. You can check our article about it here. For the birthday cake, there are some alternatives. The first alternative you can find at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant, located in Disneyland Park overlooking the castle. Here they have home-made pastries on plates with 3 or 5 treats. When you add homemade milkshakes to it, it’s a festive way to celebrate a birthday.

Another alternative to the Disneyland Paris birthday cake is to bring one from home or buy a cake at the Auchan supermarket near the Parks. You won’t be able to eat the cake at one of the restaurants, but you can have your own small birthday celebration at one of the picnic locations in the parks. Make sure to bring some plates and utensils.

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