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Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: location, rooms, prices and offers

by Bianca

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge has been my favorite for years. As such, it is the hotel where I have stayed the most. Why? Because of the good value for money.

For me, the main advantage of this hotel is the location. Close to the Disney Parks, within a few minutes, you are already at the entrance. It is also a good affordable hotel. Much cheaper than the neighboring hotels Newport Bay Club and Hotel New York. They have the same location but are hundreds of dollars more expensive. If you then consider how often you really are in your room, the choice is quickly made.


You can see the location of the hotel very well in the picture above. The balloon and the blue and yellow buildings in the background are Disney Village. This is the shopping area that lies between the hotels and the parks. Sequoia Lodge is only a 5-minute walk from there.

You can walk to the Parks in about 15 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. Personally, I usually make it in 10 – in the morning then when my feet aren’t hurting so much yet.

The hotel is easily accessible by both car and public transportation.

By car

If you come by car, then enter the following address in your navigation:

Avenue Robert Schuman, 77700 Coupvray, France

From the highway, take the Disneyland Paris exit – number 14 if you are driving on the A4. After this, you follow the route Disney Hotels. Sequoia Lodge is then the second hotel on the left.

Free parking is available at the hotel. Because the theme parks are within walking distance, you won’t need the car for the rest of your stay. Even to the nearby shopping center Val d’Europe you can take the bus or metro.

By train

If you come by train, you can easily walk from the station to the hotel. You follow the route to Disney Village and then walk to the end. Here you see a large lake; you go left around it. You will then automatically see the hotel.

The entrance is on the lakeside, so you keep walking around it until you see an inlet. Here is the entrance to the hotel. Upon entering, you will see 2 stairs leading up. If you don’t feel like dragging your suitcases, then you can also take the elevator at the back left. This is somewhat hidden.

Disneyland Paris has it’s own train station with direct routes from Paris and the airports in the area. From both it will take about an hour to get to the resort.

By plane

It’s straightforward to go to Disneyland Paris by plane. Just take the plane to either Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport, both located near the city of Paris. Then take the train, a taxi, or the Magical Shuttle to the Disneyland Paris resort.

A taxi would be the quickest but also the most expensive option. The Magical Shuttle is owned and operated by an independent company, but it is a convenient and reliable way to reach the Disney resort.

Sequoia Lodge Rooms

Hotel Sequoia Lodge has roughly 3 types of rooms: Standard, Golden Forest, and Suites.

Standard rooms are scattered among the lodges and the main building. A room in the latter is also called “a room near the facilities.”

Rooms in the lodges are a little further from the Disney parks and the hotel’s restaurants and bars. All in all, 5 minutes further, depending on the lodge you stay in. The advantage of these rooms is that they are slightly cheaper. If you do not mind walking, you can save some money.

I personally like the rooms near the facilities, which means in the main building. If you’re having breakfast, you take the elevator down, and then you’re right at the restaurants. If you stay in the lodges, then you will have to go outside. The route is covered, but I find that less pleasant. Personal opinion, maybe I am just spoiled 🙂.

In the rooms in the main building, you can also choose a good or lesser view. The good view looks out over the lake and Disney Village – if you’re lucky.

With the lesser view, you see the parking lot. Well, I seriously never have the drapes open when I’m in a hotel room. Nor do I take the time to look outside. If you do, then you might want to consider a room with a Lake Disney view. It costs a little extra, but you won’t see a parking lot when you open the curtains.

Golden Forest Club

The Golden Forest Club is the luxurious part of Sequoia Lodge. The rooms here are on a private floor that is a bit fancier.

When checking in, you don’t have to stand in line with the “regular people.” No, you check in behind a desk like the one above, in peace, with a basket full of chocolates in front of you. Here you receive everything you need during your stay, and you can ask your questions peacefully.

Another advantage of this club is the lounge. Here you can have breakfast in the morning and drinks during the rest of the day and evening. This is unlimited so you can go as often as you want.

In addition, between half-past 4 and 5, it is snack time. Tasty small sandwiches, pretzels, soup, and sweet snacks such as pancakes and pastries are available. And you can eat as much as you like!

The suites of this hotel are also in the Golden Forest Club and therefore have the same facilities.

Restaurants at Sequoia Lodge

Hotel Sequoia Lodge has two restaurants that are open for breakfast and dinner. If you have booked breakfast with your stay, you eat in one of the two restaurants. These are right across from each other, so you never have to search for where to go.

During dinner, one of the two restaurants is open. Only during peak season can you go to both.

Hunter’s Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern – as the restaurants are called – both have the same menu. In fact, they both offer only a buffet, with various types of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. There is also a salad bar and a dessert buffet. Less adventurous options are also available for children.

Did you get or book a Meal Voucher with your stay? Then you can use it in the restaurants at Sequoia Lodge. There is 1 (non-alcoholic) drink included with the buffet if you do.

Sequoia Lodge, yes or no?

Do you want a good Disney Hotel, near the Parks, but that is also affordable? Then you should definitely stay at Sequoia Lodge. The rooms are not luxurious, but everything you need is there. The beds are comfortable, and the bathroom is practical.

There is even a hairdryer, although I would recommend bringing your own. Also, the location is perfect, right next to two much more expensive hotels. So, you have the same walking distance but your stay will be much cheaper.

Personally, I always choose a room in the main building – close to the facilities. It’s easy to have breakfast in the hotel because then you only have to take the elevator down.

No hassle with putting on jackets and shoes; just go down in your comfy clothes and flip-flops if you like.

Also, it is nice if you stay in the main building, especially at the end of the day, when your feet are tired, and you’re glad to reach your hotel. Then you would have to walk an extra 5 to 10 minutes to reach the lodges, or go directly to your room when staying in the main building.

Since the price difference between the main building and lodges is so small, I prefer the first location.

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