Dream Castle Hotel: luxury hotel next to Disneyland Paris

The Dream Castle Hotel is a Partner Hotel of Disneyland Paris. That means two things: it is located near the amusement park and a free shuttle bus runs to and from your hotel throughout the day. You can see very well how close it is to Disneyland Paris in the photo above. You can see the balloon from Disney Village behind the hotel.

Dream Castle Hotel Disneyland Paris location

The Dream Castle hotel is across the road from the Hotel Santa Fe, as you can see on the map below. (Right at the red pin)

On the far left with all the icons, you can see the theme parks and Disney Village. This seems quite far away but walking will take you about 45 minutes. You then walk to the small traffic circle above the red pin, then left to the next traffic circle and through the Esso and Hotel Santa Fe along the water to the amusement parks.

Source: Google Maps

Although it is walkable I would personally enjoy taking the shuttle bus. This runs very regularly and stops right in front of your hotel and right next to the theme parks. If you still have to walk all day, it’s best to be taken to the amusement park, don’t you think?

By car

If you are going to go to this hotel by car, put the following address in your navigation: 40 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, Marne-la-Vallée. You then follow the route to the Disney Hotels (Avenue Robert Schuman on the map – right of Newport Bay Club) and then through the traffic circles to the hotel.

This is an excellent route where everything is well marked. Sometimes your navigation sends you on a shortcut. Especially with traffic jams. That’s also a good route, less crowded, only you’ll have a few more traffic lights.

By Thalys

If you come by Thalys you will get off at the Disneyland Paris station. From here, take the shuttle bus to the Dream Castle Hotel or you can walk the 45 minutes, if you like. At the bus station, there is a sign showing the stop you need to get to for the Partner Hotels – which includes this hotel. This one usually stops at the very back.

To Paris

Many people also use the Partner Hotels to combine a visit to Disneyland Paris with a day in Paris. It’s very simple. I would leave the car anyway, driving in the city of Paris is no fun. To get there, it’s best to take the train from the Disneyland Paris train station. Tickets are easily purchased from the machines here. Everything is well marked and within half an hour you are in Paris.

If you prefer to take a bus, inquire at your hotel about options for an organized day trip.

At the Dream Castle Hotel Disneyland Paris

The terrace could have come straight out of a princess film

The Dream Castle Hotel is a 4-star hotel. On the outside it looks neat and tidy, and with a little imagination it actually looks like a castle. There is a large parking lot in front of the hotel where you can park for free.

Everything in the hotel is well taken care of. The 2 restaurants are clean and spacious. Dinner is also very affordable: a buffet where you can eat unlimited meals for only €29.50 for adults and €11.50 for children. That’s certainly a good deal compared to the restaurants at Disneyland Paris.

If you want some entertainment in the evening you can swim laps in the pool – with slide! – Or have a drink at the bar.

Dream Castle Hotel Disneyland Paris Rooms

In the hotel there are 4 types of rooms:

  • Standard Room with King Size Bed
  • Standard Room with 2 Queen Size Beds
  • Family room with double bed and bunk bed
  • Suites for up to 7 persons

Each room has free wifi, a TV, bathroom with bath/shower/toilet/sink, coffee maker and kettle. There is also a safe and air conditioning.

Because it is a 4-star hotel, the rooms are spacious. The beds are also very comfortable. In terms of theming, don’t expect too much. It’s not a Disney Hotel, of course.

Price per night

In low season, a family room costs €112 per night including breakfast. This is not per person, but per room. Entrance tickets to Disneyland Paris are unfortunately not included.

The suites are also less expensive than you might think: €149 per night in low season for a 4-person suite.

The price makes these hotels a good alternative to the Disney Hotels. Granted, if you add to the price per night the cost of an entrance ticket there are cheaper Disney Hotels, but then you are certainly not staying 4-star. The price/quality ratio is a lot better in the Partner Hotels.

Source photos: Dream Castle Hotel Disneyland Paris

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