Disneyland Paris refurbishments: what rides are closed?

Disneyland Paris is open year-round. This means there is hardly any time to update or refurbish the rides, parks, and hotels. Small repairs are usually done throughout the night or early in the morning. But when bigger repairs are needed, the attractions, restaurants or even hotels are typically closed longer.

Let’s look at all the closed rides and experiences at Disneyland Paris and what you can expect during your next visit!

List of current ongoing refurbishments in the parks

This is the list of Disneyland Paris closed rides in the coming weeks:

  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio: January 30th – March 17th
  • Big Thunder Mountain: 6th March – 31st March
  • Crush’s Coaster: 6th March – 17th March
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant: 6th March – 17th March
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups: 27th March – 31st March

Two rides that are closed but don’t have an opening date yet:

  • Les Mystères du Nautilus
  • It’s a Small World – Spring 2023

Disneyland Paris released the refurbishment schedule every three months so more closed rides can be added.

Refurbishment of the Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel is undergoing a thorough refurbishment and is closed to guests. All the decor, rooms and public areas are being completely redone. The rooms will have a princess theme and a more modern look and feel. We stayed at this hotel before and were not impressed by the 5-star luxury it was supposed to have. That’s why we are very excited to try the new rooms as soon as the hotel reopens.

The refurbishment of the hotel is scheduled to be completed somewhere in 2024.

Disney Village refurbishment

The Royal Pub - ©Disney

Another ongoing project at Disneyland Paris is the refurbishment of Disney Village. The part between the Disney parks and hotels desperately needed an update, and we’ve already seen some subtle changes.

One of the most significant changes is the closure of popular restaurants like Cafe Mickey, King Ludwig Castle, and Planet Hollywood.

King Ludwig Caste has been rethemed to an English Pub that opened to the public in February 2023. The restaurant still has Happy Hour and a large selection of beers on tap but now serves Pub grub instead of German dishes.

Walt Disney Studios Park expansion

And finally, a lot of work is also being done in Walt Disney Studios Park. The first noticeable change was the addition of Cars Road Trip and Avengers Campus. But soon, there will be even more exciting places to explore, like Arendelle from the Frozen movies, and a large lake to relax by.

There is no opening date yet, but we will add it to this page as soon as more is known.

What if your favourite Disneyland Paris ride is closed during your visit?

Although it is natural to feel disappointed if your favourite Disneyland Paris ride is closed during your stay, remember that every refurbishment is done to ensure the ride is in the best condition possible.

It can also be an opportunity to explore other attractions you may have missed before and experience the park in a new way. You may even be surprised by how much you enjoy the new and other great attractions the resort offers.

If it’s your first or only visit to Disneyland Paris, then it might be better to reschedule when there is a ride or experience you don’t want to miss. Usually, the refurbishment dates are pretty accurate, so don’t count on the ride opening sooner.

No shows and closed rides during winter and off-season

Disneyland Paris refurbishes most of the rides during the winter months and off-season. That’s why you will see the most closed rides and attractions from November until February, except for the Christmas holiday.

That might not be the best time to visit Disneyland Paris if you want to experience everything the resort offers.

During the winter months, there will also be fewer shows, especially in Avengers Campus, where the shows are performed on the roofs. You don’t want your favourite superhero to slip and fall down, right?

Keep this in mind when planning your next Disney holiday.

About the Disneyland Paris refurbishments

Disneyland Paris is constantly undergoing refurbishments. Although it can be disappointing if your favourite ride or show isn’t available during your trip, remember that these updates are done to ensure the best experience possible. When planning a visit to Disneyland Paris, check what rides are closed and when they reopen so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. The winter months usually have more closures than other times of the year, but with all the new attractions coming soon, there should still be plenty of exciting things to do!

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