Good to know about Starbucks at Disneyland Paris

Like most popular destinations, Disneyland Paris is home to multiple Starbucks locations. They are located in Disney Village, Disney Hotel Cheyenne, and Disney Hotel Santa Fe. The menu is pretty similar to other Starbucks locations, serving hot and iced coffee, frappuccino, refreshing drinks, teas, pastries, and more. And like other Starbucks locations, you order and pay at the register, and wait for your drink at the end of the counter.

The Disney Village Starbucks at Disneyland Paris has some seating available, mostly indoors, where most guests enjoy a drink while using the free wifi. The Starbucks locations in the Disney Hotels are a lot smaller, with just a few seats. Those are mostly to-go locations.

What to order at Starbucks at Disneyland Paris?

If you’ve been to Starbucks before, you probably already have a favourite drink. If it’s your first time, let me help you a bit. First, you can find the drink menu on the screens behind the cashier. Those are the well-known coffees, like cappuccino, Americano, and Espresso. The difference between those restaurants and Starbucks is that the coffee is freshly brewed, and you can customize it to your liking. The same for the tea menu, just ask them to add milk if you prefer. Starbucks also sells refreshers that consist of water and fruit syrup. They are pretty expensive, and usually not worth it, but they are a good option when travelling with children.

Starbucks drinks can be ordered in four sizes: Tall (355ml), Grande (473ml), Venti (591ml), Trenta (917ml). For most coffees the Tall size is sufficient. For tea and other drinks, get a Grande or taller.

Another item to get at Starbucks is the pastries. They sell grab-and-go items which are perfect as a light breakfast as well as slices of cake to enjoy with your beverages.

You are here mug

Did you know that one of the best souvenirs at Disneyland Paris can be found at Starbucks? They are called “You are here mugs” and come in a Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park version.

Of course, I needed to buy both! Mine are the previous version, though, as a special new design was released in 2022 for the 30th Anniversary of the resort. You can buy the mugs exclusively at Starbucks for €19,90 per mug by ordering them at the cashier.

Other locations for coffee and tea at Disneyland Paris

There are lots of other locations in Disneyland Paris to get a warm drink. Most quick-service restaurants offer coffee and tea. There are also some coffee and tea stands located in the parks. They both sell the same machine coffee/tea, which might not be for everyone.

We prefer the coffee at the bars in the Disney Hotels or at Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant in Disneyland Park. The latter also has some great tea options, and they even have a home-brewed iced tea that is delicious and refreshing.

For the best coffee in Disneyland Paris, go to the Studios Park. During Rendez-Vous Gourmand, the summer food festival in Walt Disney Studios Park, you can get fresh brewed Italian coffee at the Italy booth. We both ordered the cappuccino and absolutely loved it.

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