Grand Magic Hotel (formerly Magic Circus) in Disneyland Paris

Before I start this review, it’s good to mention that I totally forgot to take pictures of the room. Oops! We had already made a mess of it before I remembered to take pictures for you—apologies for that. The room at the Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel looks pretty much the same as the official photos.

One night at the Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel

Last week we stayed one night at the Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel. I had booked the room through Expedia. Initially, I wanted to sleep in a Disney Hotel, but they were all sold out. Also, at the other Partner Hotels, there were only limited rooms available. We had booked a double room that cost €160 for 1 night due to the crowds.

At about 10 am we drove into the parking lot. There is a barrier, but it opens automatically. There is no checkpoint, which I found quite strange. The parking lot is large, and there were plenty of spaces available.

Right in front of the entrance is the bus stop for the shuttle bus to Disneyland Paris. There were dozens of people waiting there at 10:00 am.

Once inside, you come into a spacious lobby. This is light and looks modern. Personally, I had expected more of a circus theme, but apart from some details, you don’t see much of this.

The lobby with the reception desk on the right and the store in the back. On the left, you will find the bar and restaurant.

In the lobby, there is a small store in the back with, of course, Disney stuff and practical things you might have forgotten at home. Before we could shop, we had to check in, of course!


At the front desk, it was fortunately not crowded. There was plenty of staff, and check-in went quickly and easily. They only needed my last name, and they could get my reservation from the system.

I had already paid for the room in advance, but I had to pay the tourist tax on the spot. This was €5 for 2 people. The room will be available after 3 pm. I could only pick up the room pass after that time. All in all, I finished checking in within a few minutes.

I could leave the luggage with them or leave it in the car. Personally, I chose the latter because they were fine in the trunk.

The Room

At 6 p.m., we picked up our room pass. We even got an upgrade to a family room with bunk beds from the friendly gentleman behind the reception desk. Our room was on the second floor, almost at the very back of the building. We had to walk quite a bit from the elevator to the room. But because of this, we did have a very quiet location.

The family room consists of a double bed and a bunk bed. Around the bunk bed is a curtain that allows you to separate the children from the adults. This is certainly not bad for children because they have their own TV next to the bunk bed. They can still secretly watch cartoons in their own circus bed.

Furthermore, you have in the room:

  • Free wifi!
  • A closet with hangers
  • Desk with chair
  • French outlets so bring an adapter
  • 2 tv’s one for the big bed and one for the bunk bed
  • Very spacious bathroom with a bath / shower, toilet and large sink.

The bathroom really shows that it is a family room. The sink is spacious enough for two people. And the bathroom has enough room to move around. The only downside is that there is no separate toilet.

The beds were fine, and I really slept well. Although the room was clean, some things were damaged here and there, and in the closet, there was a layer of dust on the bottom. But overall a great room and to be fair, how much time do you spend in your room anyway?

To Disneyland Paris

The main reason why you stay in the Vienna Magic Circus Hotel is to go to Disneyland Paris. This is because this hotel is close to the two Parks. You could walk, but it would take at least 30-45 minutes. Depending on how fast you walk.

Fortunately, the hotel also offers an alternative: a free shuttle bus. This bus is shared with the neighboring hotels. At quiet times, this is not a problem. Is it busy? Then keep in mind that the buses are overcrowded and crammed.

This applies to both the outward and the return. Are you going after park opening or closing? Then chances are you’ll have to wait a while for the bus or fight for a seat. The bus drops you off right next to the station entrance on the way out. On the way back, you have to be on the opposite side to get on. It is not very well marked, so it is a bit of a search.

Except that, it is a fine way to get from your hotel to Disneyland Paris.

Absolutely. In terms of value for money, it is better than a Disney Hotel in the same price range. The rooms are spacious and clean. The beds are comfortable, and you have free wifi. There is also a pool, restaurant, and bar. In addition, don’t forget the shuttle bus to Disneyland Paris.

But is it only good in the Vienna Magic Circus Hotel? Of course, there are some downsides. The first is the fact that it does not feel very magical. It really lacks the details of a Disney Hotel. In addition, you are bound to a long walk, the shuttle, or the car if you want to go to the Disney Parks. Finally, the bus is really overcrowded at peak times. With small children/prams, you are crammed together because as many people want to take the bus as possible. And otherwise, you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for the next one.

The Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel is recommended if you are looking for an affordable hotel near Disneyland Paris and do not mind the shuttle bus. In terms of price, you are much more comfortable than in a Disney Hotel, but you have to give up a little extra for that.

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