Pros and cons of a hotel outside Disneyland Paris

For families planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, the decision of where to stay can be overwhelming. There are dozens of hotels in and around the resort, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at the pros and cons of staying at a hotel outside the Disneyland Paris resort and help you decide on your best place to stay!

Where to stay at Disneyland Paris?

There are lots of great hotels near Disneyland Paris. The most convenient is the Disney Hotels, located on the resort and within walking distance of the two Parks. These hotels offer additional benefits like Extra Magic Time, where you can enter the parks one hour earlier, meet and greets with Disney characters in your hotel, and a free shuttle bus from your hotel to the parks.

About 10 minutes from the parks, there are even more hotels. Some are Disneyland Paris Partner Hotels that can be booked through the official website, but most operate independently of Disney.

And finally, some hotels are further away, usually near the train line to Disneyland Paris. And you can even stay in the city of Paris and take public transport to the Disney Parks.

Pros and Cons of Hotels Outside Disneyland Paris

B&B Hotel outside Disneyland Paris
B&B Disneyland Paris

For many families, cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest advantages of staying at a hotel outside the Disney Resort. Hotels outside the resort tend to offer lower rates than on-site hotels, making them a great option for families who want to save money without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Additionally, if you opt for a Partner Hotel—which currently includes B&B Disneyland Paris, Explorers Hotel, Campanile Val de France, Hotel l’Elysee Val d’Europe and Aparthotel Adagio —you can often take advantage of free shuttle service, an onsite ticket desk and a shop with Disney souvenirs.

Of course, there are potential drawbacks associated with staying at a hotel outside Disneyland Paris. For example, depending on traffic conditions, it may be difficult to reach the resort during busy times or rush hour traffic. Shuttle buses also tend to get pretty crowded as they are shared between multiple hotels.

You will also miss out on some Disney Hotel experiences, like the Disney-themed rooms, meet and greets with characters, being able to make dining reservations 12 months in advance, free parking at the parks, and getting into the parks one hour before other guests.

When to consider a hotel outside of Disneyland Paris?

If you are looking for a cost-effective stay near the parks, staying at a hotel outside the resort could be a great option. Remember that tickets are usually not included in your stay, you will also need to make a park reservation or get dated tickets, and if you are travelling by car, you will need to pay for parking. It’s best to select a hotel with a shuttle bus to the parks and contact the hotel before booking to get the latest schedule.

Another good reason to consider a hotel outside of the resorts is when you plan to visit other places during your stay. So, if you are planning to go to Paris, Versailles or the castles in the Loire Valley, then it’s usually easier to book a hotel outside of Disneyland Paris.

Is it your first time visiting Disneyland, are you travelling with small children, or would you like to get the full Disney experience? Then it’s best to book a Disney Hotel. Not only for their convenient location but also because you don’t need to think about park reservations or getting into a crowded bus or train when the parks close.

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