How to Stick to Your Diet While Visiting Disneyland Paris

Over the years, I have been every size and tried almost every diet. And every time I visit Disneyland Paris, I try not to gain a few more pounds. Because even though you will be doing a lot of walking, that won’t make up for all the calories you eat.

Going to Disneyland Paris on a diet can be tough, but it’s doable. This is what I do not to gain weight during my stay!

Be careful with breakfast

Breakfast at Disney Sequoia Lodge is bad for your diet
Breakfast at Disney Sequoia Lodge

We all know the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you will need a sturdy meal since you will be doing a lot of walking in Disneyland Paris.

So with that in mind, I always filled my plate with croissants, chocolate pastries, orange juice, yoghurt, fruit, and other sweets and snacks I could get my hands on. The breakfast in the Disney Hotels and most hotels near Disneyland Paris is served as an all you can eat buffet, and I can eat a lot.

One time I counted all the calories of my breakfast, which left me in complete shock:

  • Croissants (2 small ones) – 280 calories (at least)
  • Pain au Chocolate (2 small ones) – 300 calories
  • Orange juice – 120 calories (I had two glasses)
  • Coffee with Milk – 25 calories
  • Fruit Yoghurt – 120 calories

Total: 845 calories…

As a woman, I would need 2000 calories per day, and this breakfast is already half of what I need to eat in a day.

When I get breakfast at Disneyland Paris, I get one small Croissant and 1 Small Pain au Chocolate. I leave out the orange juice and yoghurt, leaving me room for other food.

Share meals in the parks

Another thing I always do not to gain weight during my Disneyland Paris visit is to share meals with the person I’m with. You can only do this at the counter service restaurants, which normally have not the healthiest options, like pizza, fries, and hamburgers.

We each get our own hamburger and share the fries, for example, or I order a kid’s meal if my husband doesn’t want to share. And as a Dutch person I like mayonnaise with everything, however, when in the theme parks I opt for ketchup instead.

Also be careful with the drinks, because as you know, all the soft drinks have lots of calories. Usually, I get a Diet Cola or just plain water, to save some calories.

Check the menus beforehand

The menus for every Disneyland Paris restaurant can be found in the app. Before I go to a restaurant or make a dining reservation I always check the menu to see if they have healthier options.

If they don’t, I will ask the server if they can replace the fries or potatoes with extra vegetables. And if I order a hamburger or pizza, I always leave half of it for my husband, who surprisingly does gain a lot when we are at Disneyland Paris.

But my favourite restaurants are the buffets like Downtown Restaurant, PYM Kitchen, and Agrabah Cafe. Here you can try lots of food, but only a spoon ful of it. That way I can eat what I like without wasting any food. And it’s also easier to get some extra vegetables or other healthy options.

Annette’s Cheeseburger with extra sauce on the side is my go to meal before heading home

Disneyland Paris on a diet is all about moderation

Recently, I lost a lot of weight (about 15kg/33 pounds), which was very hard and it still is really difficult to keep it off since I love food!

When I’m at Disneyland Paris I have some favourite items I get every visit, like the croissants, pain au chocolate, a cheeseburger at Annette’s, hotdog at Casey’s Corner, and we always eat at one of the table service restaurants at night.

In the past, I always gained at least 5kg/11 pounds at Disneyland Paris, which would be really difficult to get off. Now, I still eat what I love, but in moderation. It’s cliche, I know, but it works for me. So, instead of getting a cupcake for myself, my husband and I share. The same with the counter service meals and other snacks.

We also try to have only one heavy meal a day. So, if we had a big lunch, we just have a snack for dinner, or vice versa. That way the calories I consume stay manageable and I don’t gain any weight during my stay.

With that being said, don’t forget I visit the parks many times per year. If I’m not careful I will gain lots of weight. If it’s your only visit to Disneyland Paris? Then go for it I would say, enjoy, and start eating healthy again when you get home.

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Tips for specific diets (coming soon!)

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