10 ways to get kicked out off the Disneyland Paris parks

Before I start this article, the following ten things you should obviously never do. These are prohibited and can cause you to be kicked out of Disneyland Paris. If you get out of hand, you may even be removed from the Resort or banned from returning at a later date.

Previously, I wrote about the rules of the Disneyland Paris parks and the things you can/can’t bring. Having some of those items with you can cause you to be removed by security.

In addition, keep in mind that you are constantly being watched. Even when “no one is looking.” Remember, if you want to cuddle up in a dark attraction or do something that is not allowed. Cast members have been hired to keep an eye on you, and they see exactly what you are doing!

Let’s start with the list…

1. Dressing up as a Disney character

As an adult, you are not allowed to come to the Disneyland Paris parks dressed up as a Disney character. That includes wearing your normal clothes and changing later, still walking through the Parks as your favorite princess. Or pretend to be that character and hand out autographs and take pictures with people. When the cast members spot you, they will soon ask if you want to change clothes or leave the Park.

There are two ways you can still go to the Disneyland Paris parks dressed up as an adult. The first is by being Disney Bound. This means that you do not wear the costume of your favorite character but, for example, the color combination. Think black, white, red, and yellow for Mickey Mouse. These should be normal garments, but ones that you combine in such a way that you still look like your favorite figure.

The other way is by going to the Halloween party on October 31st. On that night only, you may dress up as your favorite Disney character, but you may not sign autographs or take pictures with other guests.

2. Steal

You stand in one of the stores and see a beautiful souvenir. Unfortunately, you don’t have any money on you at that time… So what do you do?

Hopefully, you all now answer by saving longer or coming back later. If stealing is the first thing that comes to mind (it can be, I’m not judging…) remember that you will be removed from the Resort for this. By the police, that is, because in Disneyland Paris, of course, the same rules apply as outside the theme park. And there are really cameras everywhere, so the chances of getting away with it are very small.

3. Arguing or fighting

Really, I know exactly how you feel. It’s a long day at the Disney Parks, there are lines everywhere, and then someone hits your ankles with a scooter…. You have to have a lot of patience not to get very upset. But…if you really start arguing or, even worse, fighting with another guest, then the cast members will escort you out of the Parks and if necessary call the police. If you are evicted from the Park, you will not be allowed to return that day (or longer) nor will you get your ticket money back. That doesn’t make the day any better then.

4. Using a drone

With a drone, you can take beautiful photos of Disneyland Paris. Photos of places they would rather not show visitors. Therefore, the use of a drone in the Disney Parks is not allowed. Also, you can damage a lot of things with a drone. Thinking back to the last time I flew one of these, I can just imagine some windows breaking at Disneyland Paris.

By the way, it’s also good to know that security will also take your drone away. You will not get it back until you have left the Park.

5. Being impolite to cast members or Disney characters

Most cast members at Disneyland Paris do a tremendous job of making your vacation a success. But not all of them. If they upset you, count to 10, walk away, but make sure you stay calm and polite. If you don’t, you can be expelled from the Park.

That will also happen if you are mean to the Disney characters. Not only is hitting Donald Duck forbidden, but a lewd remark to Cinderella is not appreciated. If the situation becomes really too uncomfortable, then you will be escorted out of the Parks.

6. Drinking too much

Walt Disney was always vehemently against it, but times change, and now you can get alcohol in the Disney Parks worldwide. So too at Disneyland Paris. But know your limit. If you have been drinking too much, they can remove you from the Parks, and you can sleep it off in your hotel room.

7. Peeking backstage

You’ve probably seen the doors that say Cast Members Only. I sometimes get the itch to sneak a peek. But absolutely do not. It’s not allowed, and they really hate it when you do that.

Disney is doing everything it can to preserve the magic. When you open the door and see the “normal” environment, it can be a huge disappointment. So no matter how much you want to, don’t look backstage.

8. Climbing/walking on things that are not meant for that purpose

Or take a dip in the fountains or water features. Disneyland Paris has good signage about where you can and cannot go. If you go off the normal path, you will initially be asked to return. If you really go too far, by destroying flowerbeds for a perfect photo, for example, or by causing dangerous situations, then you can be expelled from the Park. Just stick to the rules, even if you want to take the perfect Instagram photo.

9. Getting off during the ride

Disneyland Paris takes the safety of its visitors very seriously. Therefore, each attraction asks you to stay seated and to keep all protruding parts inboard. If you don’t do this, and as a result break things or cause dangerous situations? Then you can be evicted from the Disney Parks.

10. Scattering ashes

Because it’s almost Halloween, we’re closing in on a lurid way to get evicted from Disneyland Paris. Many people want to become part of the Disney Resort after they die. And then preferably of an attraction. In America, ashes are frequently scattered at the haunted house or Pirates of the Caribbean. The only bad thing is, as soon as they notice it, the attraction is closed, and a special cleaning team comes to scrub everything thoroughly. Your ashes will not be in your favorite attraction but somewhere in a garbage bag.

In addition, should your next of kin be caught scattering your ashes, they will be removed from the Parks.


The above points are not a challenge to be removed from the Disney Parks, but a caution. Believe me, you don’t want to be removed from the parks or even get banned for life. In addition, if you have made recordings in places where you should not have, you will be asked to delete them. So why bother?

In other criminal matters, the police will always be called. There you are at the police station, where you can’t understand anyone if you don’t speak French. Then I’d rather be in an attraction at Disneyland Paris.

Would you like to have a stress-free Disney day as well?

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