McDonald’s at Disneyland Paris – should you skip it?

For families visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time, McDonald’s can offer a budget-friendly option for meals. It’s not very adventurous, and not the best food you can get in France or even in Disneyland Paris. But it’s a great option if you’ve got hungry kids who want something familiar. Or save some money on food.

Where can you find McDonald’s at Disneyland Paris?

McDonald’s is located in Disney Village, an outdoor shopping centre situated between the entrance of the Disney Parks and the Disney Hotels. The restaurant can be a bit difficult to find as it’s hidden behind The Steakhouse, near the PanoraMagique balloon.

It has both indoor and outdoor seating, but the number of tables is really limited. And it can be quite messy in the restaurant. We usually take our food and eat it in our room or on the benches near the lake. You will find some benches on the walkway to the Newport Bay Club hotel.

Menu and Breakfast Options

One of the main things that make McDonald’s appealing is the fact that they sell the same food everywhere. Perhaps with a few local tweaks, but the menu is always familiar.

At the Disneyland Paris McDonald’s restaurant, you can order classic burgers like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, the famous French fries, and all the other items you are used to. They have some local items on the menu, which look more like sandwiches than burgers.

My go-to burger is the CBO, with a crunchy chicken patty and bacon. And as I’m Dutch, I eat my fries with mayonnaise. The one here at McDonald’s is a bit runny and tart, and it gives a nice bite to your fries.

For little ones, they offer the classic happy meal with healthy and not-so-healthy options. And, of course, a little toy to play with.

And finally, if you are looking for a cheap breakfast at Disneyland Paris, definitely go to Mcdonald’s. They have a pretty limited breakfast menu, but you can get a croissant, coffee, and orange juice. Or an Egg McMuffin, with or without bacon. They do have some speciality coffees, but with Starbucks nearby, I wouldn’t bother.

Inside the Disneyland Paris McDonald's restaurant during Halloween
Inside the Disneyland Paris McDonald’s restaurant during Halloween

How to order?

Like me, most of you won’t speak French. And that’s perfectly fine. You can order at the Disney Village McDonald’s restaurant in any language you like. Just use one of the machines and set it to your language. All food items have images and descriptions, and you can add anything you like.

After paying, you will get a receipt with a code on it. You will have to wait near the counter to pick up your order. However, they will call your code in French. We usually keep a close eye on what they are preparing, and if we think it could be ours, we just walk up to the counter and show them the receipt. And if it wasn’t our order, at least they know now that we don’t speak any French.

Glutenfree and other dietary requirements

If you or someone in your family needs a gluten-free meal, McDonald’s has some options. I believe they have gluten-free buns, and the fries are gluten-free, but please ask the staff to ensure. They don’t have a lot of vegetarian options, unfortunately, other than most of the breakfast options and a Veggie wrap. But always ask whether they have some hidden or new veggie menu items.

In summary—McDonald’s at Disney Village is a great option for budget-friendly meals during your visit to Disneyland Paris. It’s not the most exciting dining experience, but it will save you some money and provide a familiar meal that everyone in the family can enjoy. Don’t count on any available seating, especially during peak dinner time. The best time to visit this restaurant is at lunch if you require a table. Around park closure, the lines are usually out the door, and during that time, it’s best to take your food with you to your room.

And for all you Pulp Fiction fans, this is your time to order Le Big Mac :)!

Other affordable meal options

McDonald’s is one of the more affordable places to eat at Disneyland Paris. At the counter service restaurants in the parks, you can find similar menus consisting of a burger, fries, drink, and dessert for a comparable price. You can also get an affordable pizza at Vapiano or a hot sandwich at Earl of Sandwich.

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