Nonna & Nonno: good Italian restaurant just outside Disneyland Paris!

We almost always eat at the Resort when we go to Disneyland Paris. That’s why I’ve probably tried all the restaurants at the Resort at least multiple times. And even though Annette’s Diner will still be my favorite, sometimes you want to eat something else than burgers and fries, pizza for example.

Because we arrived a bit earlier at our last visit and did not have park tickets, we decided to eat in Val d’Europe. An excellent choice, because we definitely enjoyed eating at Nonna & Nonno, a wonderful Italian restaurant just outside Disneyland Paris.

Where is Nonna & Nonno and how do you get there?

Nonna & Nonno: heerlijk Italiaans restaurant net buiten Disneyland Paris!

The Italian restaurant Nonna & Nonno is located just outside Disneyland Paris near the shopping center Val d’Europe. The easiest way to get there is by car. You can park it for free at the shopping center or at the outlet next to the shopping center.

You will find Nonna & Nonno just outside the shopping center on the side of Disneyland Paris. You follow the signs to Sea Life until you come to a hall with all kinds of restaurants. You have to go outside; you do that at the exit just past the carousel. It sounds strange, but you know what I mean when you are standing there.

Outside you come to a large square with more restaurants. Nonna & Nonno is on the left.

If you don’t have a car or would instead leave it parked at the hotel, there are two more ways to get to this restaurant. The first is by walking to it; this takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

To get there, you leave the Disneyland Paris Resort to the right of the World of Disney store. This is also where Five Guys and Vapiano are located. You then walk straight on until you come to a traffic circle; here, you turn right. Then take the first street on the left, and you walk straight until you reach the shopping center. Nonna & Nonno is on your right.

Is walking just a bit too far? Then it’s best to take a shuttle bus to one of the Serris hotels. It stops at the station opposite Vapiano and Five Guys. If you look at the sign, you will see which bus goes to hotels like Adagio and L’Elysee Val d’Europe. You take this bus to hotel Adagio, and then you walk to the restaurant from there. Just follow the directions to the shopping center.

What is on the menu at Nonna & Nonno?

Nonna & Nonno: heerlijk Italiaans restaurant net buiten Disneyland Paris!

The menu mainly features pizza and pasta dishes. You can download the entire menu here.

My boyfriend tried one of their pastas while I went for a fresh pizza. Further on you can read how these tasted!

Most guests in the restaurant started their meal with Antipasti and a glass of red wine. The French like to have a glass of wine at lunchtime, which is not quite common in other countries.

One person ordered a pizza fritta. I had never heard of this before, had you?

This is a stuffed calzone pizza that is deep-fried. This gives you a crispy crust with a soft filling. It looked pretty good, but I still didn’t dare to order it.

Finally, I couldn’t find a kid’s menu; most kids ate with their parents because of the large portions.

Our Nonna & Nonno review

Nonna & Nonno: heerlijk Italiaans restaurant net buiten Disneyland Paris!

My partner and I chose not to have an appetizer but only a main course. And I’m glad about that because the portions are pretty big, as you can see.

The pasta above is the “Filet de poulet Salsa Bianca” and my partner really liked it. Lots of meat and pasta and a good cheese flavor to the sauce.

I chose the pizza you have already seen pass by in this article. That’s the Pizza Parma, to be exact, and it tasted delicious. Fresh bottom, soft crust, lots of cheese, and Parma ham.

Both recommended!

Oh and the prices we found not so bad for a restaurant near Disneyland Paris!

Both dishes cost about € 15. A pizza in Disneyland Paris costs about € 12, and they are not nearly as good as Nonna & Nonno. The only downside is that you have to leave the park for it. Maybe not very useful if you don’t have a lot of time in Disneyland Paris, but perfect for your arrival or departure day.

Was there anything negative about this visit? Not really. If I had to mention something, it would be the complimentary bread on the table, which was quite hard and therefore not very tasty, and that there was no light in the women’s restroom. Hopefully, that has been fixed by now because that was quite a challenge!

Furthermore, we are very positive about the food, location, restaurant, and service. We will definitely return here, it is already on the wish list for our next visit.

Want to know more about this restaurant? Then check out their website.

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