What’s included in a Disneyland Paris package?

From the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle to the thrilling rollercoasters and meeting all your favourite Disney Characters, Disneyland Paris is a dream destination for families. But while the magical experience of a day at the parks is fantastic, a Disneyland Paris package offers even more fun and convenience. This article will explore the different Disneyland Paris packages available and how to make the most of them for your family.

What does a Disneyland Paris package include?

A Disneyland Paris package typically includes access to Disney parks, and a Disney Hotel stay. You can pick any of the seven Disney resorts, and the tickets will be valid for both parks for your stay.

On your arrival day, you can access the parks early in the morning, and on the departure day, you can stay as late as you like. Your tickets will be valid for the entire day.

If you want extra convenience, consider adding Meal Plans to your package. That way, breakfast and one or two additional meals a day are already paid for, making it easier to budget your stay. It’s also a great way to save on food, preventing any hassle of finding breakfast in the morning, as the breakfast locations at the resort are pretty limited.

Finally, there are other extras you can add to your stay like:

  • Character Dining
  • Preferred seating at shows
  • Airport Transportation
  • Disney Express Luggage Service for train travellers
  • A tour of Paris and other sights in the area

Benefits of booking a package instead of a ticket

Booking a Disneyland Paris package instead of just a ticket has several advantages. Firstly, it will save you time, money, and stress. The packages are designed to provide the best value for your money and will save you the hassle of booking a ticket and a hotel separately.

You won’t need to make a park reservation, so access is guaranteed. And the tickets included in your package can be used for both Disney Parks, and you can hop between them as often as you like.

Another great benefit is that you can include the Disneyland Paris meal plans, saving money on food. And as a Disney Hotel guest, you can book a restaurant up to 12 months in advance, ensuring you always get to eat where you want.

But the main reason is convenience and peace of mind. All packages booked through Disneyland Paris can be cancelled or modified up to 7 days before your arrival.

And if you have any questions during booking or before arriving, the Disneyland Paris customer service team is happy to help. They can even help you with accommodations for your disability, room preferences, or other questions.

Booking a Disneyland Paris Package helps you save money to buy souvenirs

Who should not book a Disneyland Paris package?

Even though a package might be beneficial for most visitors, some people might not benefit from it. For example, if you plan to visit the parks for one day, it might be too expensive to book a package. As you will always get tickets for at least two days, and as you don’t need the convenience of a hotel within walking distance of the parks, there are cheaper options nearby.

A Disneyland Paris package might also not be the best option when planning an affordable visit to the resort. Disney Hotels are expensive because they are within walking distance of the parks and offer extras like Character meetings and Extra Magic Time.

There are cheaper alternatives nearby, like the Partner Hotels or even hotels a little further away that offer stays for just £50 a room a night, sleeping up to four people. Tickets are not included, but if you share the cost of the room, buying your tickets separately will probably be cheaper than a package.

It’s also not the best option when you have an Annual Pass or plan to buy one, as tickets are included in the package. If you plan on purchasing an Annual Pass during your stay, know that you can’t deduct the price of the tickets from the Annual Pass costs, this is only possible when you have day tickets with a date on it.

In that case, book your hotel and tickets separately, so you get a discount on the purchase price of the Annual Pass. Don’t worry about the hotel discount you get with an Annual Pass, as the costs for Disney Hotels on booking websites are usually similar to the discounted ones.

And finally, if you plan on visiting other sights near Disneyland Paris but prefer to stay near the parks, a package might not be a good deal. Then it’s best to book the room and tickets separately, only for the days you plan to visit the parks.

Making the most of your package and Disneyland Paris visit

Once you’ve booked your package, there are a few ways to make the most of it.

  • Download the Disneyland Paris app, create an account, and link your booking. Now you can make dining reservations, buy Premier Access, and even start the check-in process.
  • Make a list of all the things you would like to see and do during your visit. You can check out our guides for families, couples, or groups or the Disneyland Paris app for more information
  • Book transportation if you did not include it in the package; the sooner you book, the lower the prices.
  • If you need special assistance during your stay, you should consider getting a Priority Pass. You can find more information about this in our article about the Disneyland Paris disability pass.

Booking a Disneyland Paris package is a great way to make the most of your visit. It provides convenience and peace of mind and can help you better budget and plan your stay. While it might not be for everyone – such as those who plan to stay for one day or have an Annual Pass already – many families, couples, and groups can benefit from them greatly.

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