Is Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland Paris worth the wait?

It’s one of the most popular rides in Disneyland Park: Peter Pan’s Flight, with typically one of the longest waits in the resort. And Let’s look at why Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland Paris is so popular and if it’s worth the wait!

About Peter Pan’s Flight

Outside of the Peter Pan's Flight building

To find this ride, you need to go to Fantasyland in Disneyland Park. The ride is located in the park near Pirates of the Caribbean.

In this ride, you will fly to Neverland with Peter and the Darling kids, with some help from Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. You board a pirate ship and fly out of the window of the Darling children nursery, over the streets of London, and through the stars until you enter this magical land. Here you encounter Captain Hook and Smee, see the mermaids, and even the crocodile.

Why is this such a popular ride?

There are two main reasons why there are always long waits for this ride.

The first is that it’s a family-friendly ride without any height restrictions. Anybody of any age can ride, and it’s a great way to get your little ones used to dark rides. It’s also a lot of fun since you board a pirate ship and actually fly through the air. Children will love seeing London from above, with the moving vehicles and the famous sights like Big Ben Tower. Then it’s so magical going through the stars and encountering all the characters from the film when you arrive in Neverland.

Another reason there are long waits is that this ride’s capacity is pretty low. There are a fixed number of pirate ships that can fit up to 6 people, which makes the throughput pretty low. This can cause quite a backup, especially on busier days, but there are some ways to reduce the wait.

Peter Pan and Hook

How to get the lowest Peter Pan’s Flight wait time?

Nobody likes to wait, and for Peter Pan’s Flight, you don’t have to if you follow our tips. We never wait longer than 15 minutes for this ride, and neither should you!

Go to this ride during Extra Magic Time

Guests of the six Disney Hotels, and some Annual Pass holders, can exclusively enter the parks one hour early every day. During that hour, some of the most popular rides are already running, and you can visit those with little to no wait. Peter Pan’s Flight is normally a walk-on during that hour. So if you don’t want to wait up to 60 minutes during the regular operating hours, go to Extra Magic Time.

Early morning waits are typically lower

Did you miss Extra Magic Time, or are you not staying on the property? Then you should go to Peter Pan’s Flight after the park opens. The ride is in the back of the park, so people typically end up here later in the day. When you go there first, the wait will still be pretty manageable.

Use Premier Access to skip the lines

If you are not a morning person or decide to use the first hours for other popular rides, there is still another way to reduce the wait at Peter Pan’s Flight. You need to buy Premier Access for this through the Disneyland Paris app or at guest services. This will give you access to a special queue with a significantly lower wait. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap solution, setting you back up to €18 per person per ride. It’s impossible to buy one and ask if you can bring someone with you; they are pretty strict and need to scan the QR code to grant you access to the shorter queue.

Peter Pan’s Flight is also part of Disney Premier Access Ultimate, a package that includes one-time expedited access to almost every popular ride in both Disneyland Paris parks.

Peter Pan’s Flight disability access

Peter Pan’s Flight is accessible to most but has some restrictions. You will need to transfer into the pirate ship, which is pretty small, and walk up some steps to get there. The ride is also not advised when pregnant due to the movements.

If you are eligible for a Priority Pass or Easy Access Card, the disability passes of Disneyland Paris, you can enter the ride through the Premier Access queue. There will still be some wait, ten minutes at most, but that’s still significantly lower than the regular wait of sixty minutes. None of these passes grants you immediate access, so if you cannot wait, consider visiting this ride during Extra Magic Time or first thing in the morning.

Who should not miss this attraction?

  • Families with small children
  • Everybody who loves dark rides

This is a wholesome ride for the whole family. Little children will love the flying pirate ships, views, and characters from the film. Remember that it’s a pretty short ride, lasting just under a minute, so that might be underwhelming for older children and people not into the Peter Pan story. For those, I would advise using one of our tips to lower the wait or visit other rides instead.

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