Dining with Disney Princesses at Disneyland Paris

If you’ve ever wanted to eat with royalty, Disneyland Paris is the place to be! The beloved Disney Princesses welcome you to the restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon, located in Disneyland Park, for a special royal meal. Imagine your little ones being enthralled by their favourite princesses while you enjoy a high-class meal in an enchanting atmosphere. Here’s what you need to know about the Disneyland Paris Princess meals.

About restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon

Dining with Disney Princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon in Disneyland Paris

You can eat with Disney Princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon, located within Disneyland Park. You will need a valid park ticket to enjoy your meal. It’s a very popular experience so you must make a reservation as soon as possible. This would be up to 12 months in advance for Disney Hotel guests.

Auberge de Cendrillon is located next to the Disneyland Paris castle in Fantasyland. It’s located in a private courtyard where you can also find Cinderella’s carriage. Everything feels regal upon entering like you are in an actual castle. Many children are dressed like their favourite princesses, and you can see them transform into their idols as soon as they enter the restaurant.

What’s on the menu?

The menu is French cuisine. This means pretty exclusive food items, which might not appeal to everyone. But then again, you are there to meet the princesses without the hours-long wait you get at the Princess Pavillion meet-and-greet location.

There are four courses where you can choose from up to 4 dishes per course, there is a meat, fish, and vegetarian option. And if you have any dietary needs, they are happy to make adjustments or give recommendations.

The kid’s menu is also a bit adventurous for a theme park, but you can order pasta or fries if your little one is a picky eater.

Which princesses will be at Auberge de Cendrillon?

At Auberge de Cendrillon, you can expect to see a few of the most popular Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Snow White. They will come by each table for a special photo-op with your little one(s) during the meal. Besides Cinderella, it’s a surprise which of the princesses will show up.

Other characters that may appear are the Disney princes who join their brides for a magical dance, and the mice and stepsisters from Cinderella.

Cinderella's carriage at Auberge de Cendrillon

How much does it cost to eat with the Disney Princesses at Disneyland Paris?

A meal at Auberge de Cendrillon currently costs €95 per adult and €50 for kids. As prices and the menu may change, it’s best to check the Disneyland Paris app before making a reservation or going to the restaurant.

This is a pretty expensive experience and might not be for everyone. There is another option to eat with Disney characters at Plaza Gardens restaurant. It’s slightly less expensive, €80 for adults and €40 for kids, and you, unfortunately, won’t meet any Princesses. Characters at this restaurant are Mickey, the characters from Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, and more.

Some final notes about Auberge de Cendrillon

  • Make your reservations as early as possible! For Disney hotel guests, this means up to 12 months in advance, other guests can make reservations two months in advance.
  • The food is pretty haute cuisine, this might not appeal to everyone.
  • A reservation for Auberge de Cendrillon doesn’t grant you access to Disneyland Park. You will need a valid ticket and park reservation to get to the restaurant.
  • Besides Cinderella, there is no guarantee that your little one’s favourite princess will visit the restaurant. Always check beforehand if the princesses you want to meet are present before entering the restaurant.
  • Bring your camera because it will be a magical experience for your little ones.

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