Our PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris experience!

PYM Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyland Paris and one of the most sought-after dining reservations. The restaurant opened in July of 2022 and is themed after PYM particles from the Ant-Man stories. With PYM particles, you can either shrink or enlarge items or people, and that is exactly what happened with the food at this restaurant. 

We have eaten here multiple times since opening; let’s look at whether you should too!

About PYM Kitchen restaurant

PYM Kitchen food

The restaurant is located at Walt Disney Studios Park in the brand-new Avengers Campus area. It’s open daily for lunch and dinner, served in an all-you-can-eat buffet style.

On our last visit, the price for the all-you-can-eat buffet was €45 for adults and €25 for children and included one soft drink. Additional drinks and alcoholic beverages can be ordered at an upcharge.We were able to make a reservation on the day off, but it’s better to make dining reservations for PYM Kitchen as early as possible. For Disney Hotel guests this means up to 12 months in advance, other guests can make reservations 2 months in advance. You can do this through the Disneyland Paris app or by calling, but they both have the same availability.

The food

The PYM Kitchen buffet offers a range of starters, main dishes, and desserts. You can pick anything you like, as much as you want.

As a starter, you can create your own salad, get some bread, or grab one of the small bites. They didn’t look vey appealing to us, but most people opted for the salad or the shrimp bites. 

We went straight to the main dishes, which included hamburgers, hot dogs, Jambalaya, some meat dishes, and grilled vegetables. You can get hamburgers and hotdogs in two sizes, one enlarged by the PYM particles and one shrunk. We also tried multiple desserts, with my husband loving the cheesecake. I opted for some French cheese because I don’t have a sweet tooth.

PYM Kitchen desserts


The restaurant has an open plan and is pretty big. It can get pretty crowded and loud during peak lunch or dinner time. So if you can, try eating around 3 pm when it’s nice and quiet.

As the restaurant is themed after a lab, it feels a bit clinical, but the servers wearing lab coats is a fun element. We ordered the Blue Chardonnay, served in a beaker that looked like some experiment but tasted just like a good Chardonnay.

There is also a machine at work that shrinks or grows food items. We’ve seen multiple children looking at it in awe during our visit.

Is PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris worth it?

To be honest, I’m not a big Marvel fan, so for me, it’s the first time hearing about PYM particles. And while I loved the blown-up hamburger, it didn’t really add to the experience.

The food was great, though, and we didn’t find anything we didn’t like. I loved how proud the chef was of the Jambalaya and how happy she was of me trying it. It tasted perfect! We ended up trying mainly fast food like fries, burgers, hotdogs and chicken. Somehow that appealed to us more; another dish we absolutely loved was the deep-fried cauliflower, again not very healthy, but you are at a theme park, right?

All the staff were happy, helpful, and quick to help if you needed another drink. We did end up with a table near the entrance and had people waiting to be seated standing next to our table. It’s not very pleasant to enjoy a meal when someone’s bum is near your head. 

If you are a Marvel fan, this restaurant is a must! Also, if you’ve been to Disneyland Paris before and want to go somewhere new, go to PYM Kitchen; you won’t be disappointed.

And, if you are on the Meal Plan, you can eat at this restaurant, which is a pretty good deal. Especially considering it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, which is also great for picky eaters.

Downtown Restaurant at Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is an excellent alternative for this restaurant. Still, booking a table at that restaurant is difficult as it’s only open for dinner.

So, is it worth it? Yes, it will be a great dining experience for most people, especially for families, Marvel fans and anybody on the Meal Plan. We’ve been here three times now since opening, and will certainly go back soon!

Our tips to grab a reservation for PYM kitchen

On our last three visits, I was able to get a reservation for PYM kitchen every time. Some tips on how to find your reservation:

  • Book as early as possible; that way, you have the best chances. Do this at least two months in advance or as soon as you book your Disneyland Paris holiday.
  • Check the Disneyland Paris app multiple times daily to see if more tables are available. Sometimes it helps to switch party size or between lunch/dinner; we had tables come up by doing this. 
  • Go to the concierge of your Disney Hotel; they can make some magic and were able to get a reservation for us on a fully booked day. 
  • Make a reservation for another restaurant that day. As soon as you get an email reminding you of that reservation on the day off, go to the Disneyland Paris app and check whether tables have come available. After that reminder email, people often cancel their reservations.

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