RC Racer at Disneyland Paris: Is it scary?

RC Racer is a thrill ride in Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s located in the Toy Story section of the Worlds of Pixar land and themed after one of Andy’s toys. The ride can be described as a half-pipe rollercoaster taking you 25 metres up into the air. And while it’s based on a popular children’s toy, the RC Racer ride is not for the faint of heart.

The ride has a height restriction of 1,20m. Disneyland Paris is pretty strict and will check the height multiple times before entering the ride. There are also some physical and health restrictions, so make sure to check those before riding.

And just like with other rollercoasters, make sure your little ones are comfortable riding. It’s a high-speed/high-altitude ride where you will get some airtime floating out of your seat (hence the height restriction).

But is it scary?

Is RC Racer scary?

Absolutely! We love thrill rides, but this one gets us every time. It’s not the best-themed thrill ride in Disneyland Paris nor the most interesting, but riding it is always a lot of fun.

The ride vehicle is a large toy car that is already placed on the track. The ride starts with a pull backwards to give the vehicle some traction. You will start moving back and forward until the vehicle has reached the end of the track. When moving forward you can’t see the end of the track, which will almost feel like you are about to drop off. Moving backwards until the end of the track means that you get a good perspective of the height the vehicle is at, and going down is one of the scariest parts of the ride.

As there is only one ride vehicle on the track, the ride is pretty short to keep the wait times down. Still, the wait for this ride will be about 30 minutes or more on average. There is no Premier Access queue, so no skipping the line. There is however a single riders queue, as well as a special queue for people with a disability.

Overall, RC Racer is not the best ride in Disneyland Paris by any means, but it’s a fun one. Especially, when you enjoy thrill rides. The queue can be pretty long and will move slowly because of the low capacity of the ride. Therefore, go on this ride early in the day or later in de afternoon/evening. The wait time will be much lower. The ride is also pretty short, which can be disappointing after waiting 30 minutes or more. But if it’s less than 30 minutes, then definitely go for it!

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