Table Service Restaurants in Disneyland Paris Guide

Table Service restaurants are a perfect way to escape the crowds at Disneyland Paris. At these restaurants, you are served at your table and can choose a variety of dishes. Each Table Service restaurant has its own theme with a matching menu. 

As the number of tables in these restaurants is limited, booking a table as early as possible is wise. This can be done 2 months in advance and even 12 months before arrival for Disney Hotel guests. 

Our favourite Table Service Restaurants in Disneyland Paris

A few years ago, I agreed with my husband that we would not just eat fast food when we were in Disneyland Paris. Therefore, I always make at least one reservation at a Table Service Restaurant. 

Our favourites include:

  • Walt’s – where the walls are full of Disney memorabilia and the dishes are inspired by Walt Disney’s favourite meals
  • Captain Jack’s – a tropical restaurant with an adventurous menu, located in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction
  • The Steakhouse is for when you just fancy a nice piece of grilled meat!
  • Chez Remy – a fun themed restaurant based on the Ratatouille attraction with a delicious French menu
  • Annette’s Diner – because it’s okay to have a burger too during your visit to Disneyland Paris

The average price for table service restaurants

Eating at these types of restaurants is not cheap and prices are similar to eating out at home. Keep in mind around €10-€15 for a starter, main courses between €25 and €40 and desserts around €10. 

These are prices per person for an adult portion. Children can often choose from a more limited but cheaper menu.

But for dinner with 2 adults and 2 children, you can easily spend around €200. 

If you plan to eat at a Table Service Restaurant more often, consider a Meal Plan. With this, you pay for your meals in advance, which are usually cheaper. You cannot choose all dishes from the menu, so check in advance whether it is worth it for you. We typically use the Meal Plan because it forces us to choose a healthier meal. 

Do you have a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass? Then you get a discount at Table Service Restaurants. So remember to show it at checkout.

How does the Meal Plan work at a Table Service Restaurant in Disneyland Paris?

Once you have booked a meal plan, the first step is to reserve tables as soon as possible. You can do this from the moment you have paid for your stay. Do this right away to avoid disappointment. 

When you check-in, you will receive a MagicPass containing your room key, park tickets and Meal Plan vouchers.

To use these, all you have to do is tell the restaurant host that you are on the Meal Plan. You are then shown the special menu and can order a soft drink included in the price. 

When you’ve eaten, you pay with your MagicPass and are ready to continue your Disney day.

Restaurants with Disney characters

There is one Table Service Restaurant in Disneyland Paris where you can eat with Disney characters. This is the restaurant Auberge de Cendrillon in Disneyland Park. 

Several princesses will visit your table at this restaurant for a chat and a photo. Although you will not go here for the food, it is wise to check the menu beforehand. The dishes are pretty culinary and will not please everyone. And at €95 for adults and €50 for children, that’s quite a waste!

Hopefully, this guide was helpful; if not, please let us know so we can check it out on our next visit!

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