The Steakhouse at Disneyland Paris review

We recently visited The Steakhouse at Disneyland Paris. Located in Disney Village, this restaurant offers a more upscale yet family-friendly dining experience. We were impressed with the quality of food and service, but really didn’t like the atmosphere, as the dining room is very large and can get pretty loud.

About The Steakhouse

The restaurant is decorated to look like an old-fashioned steakhouse, with wooden tables and chairs, hanging lamps and antique paintings adorning the walls. The restaurant has an open plan and is very large, with many tables.


The menu features mostly traditional American steakhouse dishes like steaks, burgers, and ribs. But there is also nice Surf and Turf and even a Tuna Steak. Prices are pretty high for a Disneyland Paris restaurant, with entrées ranging from €28-€45. You can use your Meal Plan vouchers for a three-course meal, which is a pretty good deal compared to other restaurants.

Rib Eye Main course at The Steakhouse at Disneyland Paris
Rib Eye Steak main course – €41

Prices and reservation

Even though there is plenty of room in the restaurant, and the prices are steep, it’s usually pretty full, and it’s best to make reservations as early as possible. If you don’t mind eating a bit earlier, lunch is a good time to have the restaurant all to yourself. You can check the opening hours, and menu and make a reservation through the Disneyland Paris app.

Our experience at The Steakhouse at Disneyland Paris

Carpaccio starter at the Steakhouse in Disneyland Paris
Our starter Beef Carpaccio—€18

We really liked eating at The Steakhouse and went there twice during our past stays. Portions are pretty generous and of good quality. We both ordered a different cut of beef (Tenderloin and Rib Eye), and they were both cooked to our liking. The beef was tender, and I enjoyed the crispy fries and peppercorn sauce on the side.


The service was friendly and attentive throughout our meal, which added to the enjoyable experience. Courses were brought promptly, and our waiter checked on us multiple times to ensure everything was OK. We were surprised he didn’t expect a tip, but we soon learned tipping is not necessarily a thing in France. He was, however, happy with the tip we gave him.

Using the Meal Plan

On our second visit, we used the Disneyland Paris meal plan vouchers. You can pick everything from the Chicago menu, which consists of a starter, entrée, and dessert. There was even a soft drink included. If you want to order something from the main menu, you can, but there might be an upcharge.

The only thing we didn’t like…

… was the size of the restaurant. The room is huge and open so that it can get very loud. At times, it was even difficult to hear the people at our table. When making a reservation or arriving at the restaurant, ask for a quieter table on the side if you want a more peaceful dinner.

All in all, The Steakhouse at Disneyland Paris is a great choice for a nice family dinner. The food is of good quality, and the service is friendly and attentive. It’s definitely worth visiting when you’re in Disneyland Paris, but don’t forget to make your reservations early and to ask for a quiet table if it’s important to you. We will certainly be coming back!

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