The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror review

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris is an iconic attraction with an original twist to the classic haunted house. This thrilling drop ride allows visitors to experience a journey full of suspense into one of the most iconic television shows ever.

No wonder the attraction continues to be one of the most popular attractions at the Disney Parks. And it’s one of my personal favourites too!

In this review, I’ll take you through the Tower of Terror experience, from the queue to the ride itself. But first, let’s take a look at the backstory.

Overview of the attraction’s premise

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is an immersive and thrilling ride based on the iconic Twilight Zone television series. Visitors explore the mysterious Hollywood Tower Hotel, an abandoned establishment that has been untouched since the mysterious lightning strike in 1939. The lightning strike caused five people to suddenly disappear from the elevator, leaving the hotel empty and forgotten for many years.

The hotel’s guests encounter eerie decor, spooky atmospheres and thrilling surprises as they make their way to the top of the Tower of Terror. As they ascend, they experience a thrilling free-fall drop which will leave them screaming for more!

You are now standing in the library of the mysterious hotel. As you take a few steps in, the lights suddenly go out. On the television in the corner, you see the face of Rod Serling, the original host of the classic series The Twilight Zone. He welcomes you to the hotel and invites you to step aboard the maintenance elevator if you dare because you are the star in tonight’s episode.

It’s time to leave the library and visit the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror elevators. You can feel a chill in the air as you approach the elevators. You can hear the metal’s creaking and the machinery’s soft hum. The doors open, and you step inside, feeling a little apprehensive. You take a deep breath, and the doors close. Suddenly you feel the elevator start to move, and you are taken on a thrilling journey through the Twilight Zone. As you ascend higher and higher, you can feel the anticipation building until you reach the top, where you will find out what awaits you in the mysterious Tower of Terror.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ride Experience

What’s unique about this ride is that it has three different versions. Each elevator shaft has it’s own storyline. They all revolve around the little girl that disappeared when lightning struck.

She warns you not to go in there as soon as the doors close, but you don’t listen. And then the terror happens!

The first shaft on the left is the most intense version, the one in the middle is the scariest, and the one on the right is the most beautiful and least thrilling. Make sure to experience all three versions of the ride when you are at Disneyland Paris!

One of the Tower of Terror elevators that got struck by lightning

Factors to consider before entering the queue

Before entering the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror queue at Disneyland Paris, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, the ride is dark and contains sudden drops and loud noises that may frighten those who fear the dark.

Secondly, the ride queues can be very long during peak times, and visitors should plan accordingly. You can buy Premier Access if you don’t want to wait, or go on the ride early in the morning during Extra Magic Time.

At this ride, your photo is taken right before you drop. You can buy the picture in the shop at the ride’s exit.

Finally, while the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror suits most visitors, those with back and neck problems should not ride as the sudden drops could aggravate their condition. There is also a height restriction where guests must be at least 1.02m.

The Tower of Terror shop

Many Disneyland Paris rides have shops, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is no exception. The shop sells some souvenirs with the iconic Twilight Zone logo, such as mugs, t-shirts and keychains.

You can also buy the photo taken just before you drop, which makes for a great memory to take home from your Paris holiday. If you have a Disneyland Paris Photopass, the picture is included in your package, but go to the counter to get it linked to your account.

The shop also sells Disney Villain and Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, which is perfect for anyone who loves the darker side of Disney. At the Tower of Terror shop, you can find unique collectables you won’t find anywhere else in the park, so take a look, even if you are not going on the ride!

Summary of the overall experience

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris offers visitors a thrilling experience. The pre-show and build-up to the ride are designed to create a sense of anticipation and mystery and provide a fun and spooky atmosphere.

There are so many little details in the queue, like the brass 22 above the door, which references the Twilight Zone “Twenty Two” episode, where door 22 leads to the morgue.

The ride is also full of unexpected turns, drops, and exciting special effects, making it thrilling for everyone. And the three different storylines make you come back to experience at least three times. It’s a must-do for everyone who loves a good scare, thrill, or both!

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