A Magical Valentine’s Day at Disneyland Paris

Valentine’s Day is a special time to show your loved one how much you care, and there’s no more magical place to do it than Disneyland Paris. Whether you’re looking for a romantic place to eat, planning the perfect marriage proposal, or searching for a unique gift to give your Disney fan partner, we have you covered! Let’s look at how you can celebrate the perfect Valentine’s Day in Disneyland Paris!

Romantic places to dine at Disneyland Paris

One of the most romantic things to do is to treat your someone special to a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants in Disneyland Paris. At Captain Jack’s restaurant, for example, you can eat inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As you are part of the actual ride decor, the lights in the restaurant are dimmed, creating a romantic candlelight atmosphere.

Another more upscale restaurant in Disneyland Paris is Manhattan Restaurant in Disney Hotel New York—The Art of Marvel. The Italian-inspired menu and the luxurious feel of the restaurant will make this the perfect date.

And is your someone special a big Disney fan? Then book a table at Walt’s Restaurant in Main Street U.S.A. This restaurant is full of Disney memorabilia, and even the menu features some of Walt Disney’s favourite meals.

Best places to stay

Are you planning a romantic getaway? Then book one of the club-level rooms in the Disney Hotels. These rooms have exclusive amenities like a private lounge for breakfast, snacks, and drinks and a private check-in desk and concierge that can even help you get table reservations.

You will find these club-level rooms in the following hotels:

  • Disney Sequoia Lodge – Golden Forest Club
  • Disney Newport Bay Club – Compass Club
  • Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel – Empire State Club

Do you have some more money to spare? Then book one of the suites in the above club, the most beautiful and expensive rooms in Disneyland Paris.

A suite is the perfect place to stay during Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris
A suite in Disney Newport Bay Club Hotel

Romantic Gift Ideas

Another great way to surprise your Disney fan significant other is with a romantic gift from Disneyland Paris. You can find all kinds of generic souvenirs in the Disney Boutiques, or even personalize them with a special engraving. Walt Disney Studios Park has a Pandora store where you can buy Disney-inspired jewellery. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. Why not take a romantic photo in front of the castle and buy a special frame to commemorate your trip? Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

The Perfect Proposal

Disneyland Paris is a perfect place to propose to your loved one. We’ve seen quite a few proposals during our stay. Most people decide to propose near the castle. Some quiet spots are on the right of the castle near the well.

Another more private hideaway is Adventure Isle, where you can share a more peaceful moment together. Or climb the stairs of the Robinson Family Treehouse and propose on one of the decks overlooking the park and castle.

During the day, Lake Buena Vista, near the Disney Hotels, is pretty peaceful and a perfect spot to share a romantic proposal. And, if you are not afraid of heights, why not take your special someone up in the Panoramagique balloon and propose overlooking the entire resort?

And finally, the last good spot to propose is after the fireworks in Disneyland Park. Wait a bit for the crowds to clear to have a nice private moment near the castle or Main Street U.S.A.

If you are planning something special and would need some help? Check with guest services in the parks or the concierge desk in the Disney Hotels if they can make some magic.

End the night with a viewing of the fireworks

And even if you don’t plan on proposing, watching the fireworks together can be pretty romantic.

Grab a spot in front of the castle and watch in awe as the vibrant display of lights, music, and fireworks fill the night sky. It’s the perfect way to end an unforgettable Valentine’s Day at Disneyland Paris.

There’s no better way to show your Disney fan loved one how much you care than with a visit to Disneyland Paris on Valentine’s Day. From romantic places to eat to unique gifts and special marriage proposals, it will be a Valentine’s you will never forget!

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