How to find vegetarian food in Disneyland Paris?

If you’re a vegetarian going to Disneyland Paris, you’re naturally curious about the dining options. We regularly get asked if there are many vegetarian options in the restaurants and if you can order them with the Meal Options.

Unlike many other theme parks, Disneyland Paris considers various food and dietary needs. They go out of their way to provide a delicious meal for everyone. Although sometimes the choice is a bit limited, especially if you have an allergy.

Also, I don’t know if there is much choice in terms of vegan meals. Vegetarian meals are indicated on the menu, other dietary wishes must be communicated to the restaurant in advance. They can then tell you exactly what options are available.

On the menu

Vegetarian suggestions, as Disneyland Paris calls them, are listed on the menu. You can recognize them by the green check mark. (see below)

Vegetarian options Blockbuster Cafe at Walt Disney Studios Park

The image above is from the menu of one of the counter service restaurants at Disneyland Paris. These are restaurants where you pick up your own food from the counter and then find a table to eat it at.

As you can see, the vegetarian options here are very limited. You can choose between a large and a small salad as a vegetarian option. Yet this is not quite it, as the Mac&Cheese option also appears to be vegetarian—not vegan—and here the green check mark is not present. The green checkmark system is not entirely foolproof, as the following example shows.

At Café Hyperion in the Disneyland Park you see an awful lot of green check marks, and that can cause quite a bit of confusion, just look closely at the picture below showing part of the menu.

Lots of green check marks at Café Hyperion, but is that right!

If we start at the top left of the children’s menus, we see a green check mark at the top there. Then you expect that dish to be vegetarian, right?

Then you need to read what it says again…A Kid’s Cheeseburger with Cherry Tomatoes gets a green check mark. That’s pretty crazy right?

Another example of the menu is under À la carte. Almost all the burgers seem vegetarian, there are green check marks everywhere. But, those check marks are not for the burgers but for the side dishes. The fries and salads are vegetarian, the burgers are not.

But then there’s something weird because there is a veggie burger among them that doesn’t have a green checkmark. You notice that following the green check marks is not a foolproof system.

At the Table Service restaurants

At the Table Service restaurants, you order the dishes from the menu, and they are brought to your table. In these restaurants, you can also get vegetarian dishes, but also very limited.

The best way to get a vegetarian meal in a table service restaurant is to ask the server about the options. On the menu you will again see the green icons next to the dishes. Usually, they are all vegetarian, but feel free to ask before ordering.

Also, if there is nothing to your liking on the vegetarian menu, they can accommodate you with creating something you would like. Usually, they only do this when it’s quiet.

Eating in Disney Village and the hotels

In addition to the Parks, at Disneyland Paris, you can eat at the hotels and Disney Village. If the latter doesn’t sound familiar, it’s the part between the Disney Parks and Hotels where you have several restaurants in addition to stores.

Most restaurants have a vegetarian option on the menu, although this is often limited.

Annete’s Diner – one of the restaurants in Disney Village – has quite a few vegetarian options. Most these are appetizers. There you can choose from potatoes, coleslaw, soup, and onion rings. Among the main courses, there are two Vega options, a Veggie Burger and a Soy Burger. At least not a bare salad like at the other restaurants.

In the Disney hotels

There is a buffet restaurant in almost every Disney Hotel. That makes the life of a vegetarian a lot easier. You can grab whatever you like, though of course the choice is limited to vegetables, rice, potatoes, pizzas, and fries. Always make it known upon arrival that you are a vegetarian. They can then tell you more about the options you have, and maybe they can prepare something, especially for you.

If you are sleeping in a Partner Hotel or other accommodation in the area, it can sometimes be challenging to find a good vegetarian option. You would be better off eating in the Disney Parks or Disney Village.

Vegetarian food with the Meal Options (half or full board)

At Disneyland Paris, you can pay for your meals in advance, when booking your stay. This can be done on a full or half board basis. With full board you get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With Half Board, you get breakfast and lunch or dinner.

The thing with these meal options is that you have to select your meals from a fixed menu, which usually has only one vegetarian option. You can also use the meal voucher as a payment method for a set value, but then it’s just not that economical, and actually more expensive than just paying for it yourself.

So, personally, I would not book the meal options when you are a vegetarian.


It might be a challenge to find a vegetarian dish in Disneyland Paris. Typically, you’ll have to resort to the buffet restaurants or get some fries or a vegetarian burger or pizza. There are options if you search for them, but they are limited.

From my own experience, I can tell you that if you tell the staff you are a vegetarian and couldn’t find anything to your liking on the menu, they will try to create something you do like. For example, leaving the meat out of a dish and giving you extra vegetables or potatoes instead. Still, not something you would eat at home probably, but at least they try.

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