What you need to know when visiting Bodrum, Turkey!

Bodrum, Turkey, is one of my and my family’s most beloved cities in Turkey. It’s where most of my in-laws reside, and that’s the reason why we often visit this city. Though we have together explored most of it, it always welcomes us with new adventures.

This city is well known for its charming combination of nightlife, history, and beaches. It’s home to some stunning tourist attractions like the Museum of Underwater Archeology, Castle of St. Peter, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Yahsi Beach, Bodrum Old Town, Akyarlar, etc.

In this article, I have described the places my husband, kids, and I love visiting whenever we go to Bodrum. Moreover, I have also added information about where this city is located, how you can get there, and the best time to go there. You will surely find this article much helpful. Let’s begin!

Where is Bodrum?

Overview of the city of Bodrum with the beautiful sea in the background

The port city of Mugla Province, Bodrum, is located southwest of Turkey. According to 2012 statics, it’s home to a population of 35,795. Its attractive neighborhoods include Bodrum Town, Bitez, Gumbet, Yalikavak, Gümüslük, etc. Cities and towns near Bodrum include Didim, Datca, Milas, Karpuzlu, Yatagan, Marmaris, etc.

The official language spoken there is Turkish; however, most people, especially those operating businesses and tourist activities, have an excellent command of English. Other European languages are also spoken there. However, during our trip to Bodrum, we didn’t face any type of language issue.

How to Get There?

The major airport near Bodrum is Milas–Bodrum Airport – the international airport mainly used to fly into Bodrum. The airlines offering flights to this beautiful city are Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Air Serbia, EasyJet, Turkish Airlines, etc. This airport offers services like tourism information, food and drink shops, medical services, etc., 24 hours.

My family and I booked a direct flight from London to Bodrum via EasyJet and reached our destination within 4 hours and 5 minutes. We landed at the Milas – Bodrum Airport, booked a taxi, and rushed to our hotel to explore this city after refreshment and some rest, of course. One can also book connecting flights from other European cities which doesn’t offer direct flights to Bodrum, Turkey.

What’s the Best Time to Go There?

Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate; dry, hot summers and mild winters. The best time to go and explore Bodrum is from June to September, i.e., during the months of summer. We mostly go there in July, and though it’s the hottest month in this city, it lets us enjoy most of our trip. The sunny weather with minimal rainfall provides the best conditions to enjoy beach trips.

Looking for the cheapest time to visit Bodrum, Turkey? To be specific, the cheapest dates to visit this Turkish city are from 1st January to 4th February, 23rd April to 6th May, 4th June to 24th June, and 27th August to 16th December. These are periods when the flights and the hotels are available to book at cheap rates.

What you want to see and do in Bodrum

Strolling through the city is one of the nicest things to do

I have visited this city about 5-6 times, but there are some places I go to during every visit. These places include some top tourist attractions, stunning palaces, strange museums, historic churches, peaceful parks, busy shopping malls, and lots more. Below, I will discuss the places we visited during our first visit to this alluring city.

Bodrum Castle & Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

The very first place we visited in Bodrum, Turkey, was the Bodrum Castle. The most interesting things are the names of its four towers; English, German, French, and Italian towers. These towers are named after the nations who took part in the construction of this historic castle.

On visiting this castle for the first time, we were really surprised to find a fascinating blend of ancient and modern architecture behind the stone walls. It houses battlements, gardens, and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Bodrum Castle

This Museum displays a vast assortment like ancient glass, iron items, etc. The castle’s garden houses a beautiful collection of almost all known plants and trees from the Mediterranean region. The dancing peacocks charm up this garden. From the towers, we witnessed wonderful views of the entire Bodrum city and some neighboring bays as well.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, also named Tomb of Mausolus, was our next destination. This tomb was built back in the time period between 353 and 350 BC for king Mausolus. Later, his wife (who was also her sister) was buried in the same tomb. Its aesthetic significance can be estimated from the fact that it has been listed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

We enjoyed going through the foundation remains and a small museum housed inside this tomb. Fragments of statues – some of the surviving sculptures and many slabs presenting the remains of a battle between the Greeks and Amazons were worth going through.

After exploring the architectural and historical mystery of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, we went to the nearby restaurant Chinabloom to satisfy our hunger cravings. We ordered Salmon Tempura Salad, Mongolian Beef, Crispy Chicken with Cashew & Sesame, Fried Rice with Prawns, and Szechuan Fish. The food there was extremely delicious; it left us licking our fingers.


Pedasa was our next stop! In a bid to enjoy an amazing hiking experience when exploring the ruins of Pedasa, we went there with a local Turkish guide. The stunning views of this place, its history, secrets, and the diversity of local flora it holds, left us all mesmerized!

Pedasa once existed (around 2500 to 3000 years ago) as a part of the Caria Region of Western Anatolia and is now buried beneath the walking path with few visible remains; a maze of loose rocks and stone walls.

Hiking through the cobbled road while listening to the details our guide provided, we reached the top point of this site, from where we witnessed incredible panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. On our way, some turtles and grazing animals passed along the road. It was a great experience; though the sunny weather left us drenched in sweat, we had fun going through the site.

Pedasa is more impressive in real life

Bodrum Dolphin Park

Bodrum Dolphin Park is a great family-friendly attraction for tourists and celebrities from around the world. It’s one of my kids’ favorite places to visit in Bodrum, Turkey, as they love to swim with dolphins and interact with these lovely social animals, so this park is a must-go-to place whenever we visit Bodrum, Turkey. Let’s get to know more about it!

This park is located around a 20-minute drive from the city of Bodrum. It features two main areas; the pools and dolphin show area and the beach. This unique park has so much to offer its visitors, including fantastic dolphin performances in dolphin shows, swimming with dolphins, and therapies. Record all the memories to cherish later on.

Bodrum Dolphin Park opens seven days a week, and there are no ticket charges for kids below 4. Each swimming session with the dolphin lasts about 7-minutes, and these 7-minutes will indeed become an unforgettable memory.

Gümbet Beach

Gumbet Beach is one of the best beaches to visit with family in Bodrum and is where we spent the most joyful time. This beach is actually a km stretch of golden sand facing moderate shallow waters. They offer a number of different activities to participate in, such as jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and parasailing.

While the kids were busy making sand houses, my husband and I went scuba diving in all the excitement to explore the underwater world. Observing closely the starfish, sea urchins, large coral reefs, and vibrantly colored fish in the crystal clear seas, we had great fun. You can enjoy whatever activity you like; indeed, you will love visiting this place.

After enjoying ourselves, we laid back to chill on the sunbeds and enjoyed food and drinks offered by several beach bars, hotels, and restaurants available on the spot. However, if you are looking for a quiet beach, it’s not the one!

Windmills of Bodrum


The famous landmark of the Bodrum Peninsula is another top tourist attraction of Bodrum. These are located on a hilltop between the two; central Bodrum and the holiday resort Gumbet. Though we had enjoyed the hiking experience at Pedasa, we went for a cycling tour instead of hiking to explore these windmills.

There are a total of seven windmills in this region which were used from the 18th century to the 1970s. Though their condition is not well, still they worth a visit. The panoramic views of Bodrum Peninsula and Gumbet from this site were stunning.

Capturing different angle views from this point was something I enjoyed the most. Those lovely views are indeed unforgettable! As, we had brought food and drinks, we enjoyed a memorable picnic lunch at the top of the hill. There we also found a small stand for having drinks.

Myndos Gate

Situated in eastern Bodrum, Myndos Gate is a historical tourist attraction in Bodrum, Turkey, constructed in the 4th century B.C. It was the west entrance gate for the ancient city, Halicarnassus. We booked a guided tour to visit this place with a couple of other places too.

During our visit, our guide explained everything from how the gate was built back in the 4th century to the details about the two entrances of the ancient city linked with city walls that stretch over four miles. On climbing further, we witnessed watchtowers’ remains and the 15-meter wide moat.

We also found information plaques explaining the historical worth of this landmark. We explored most of this monument within less than an hour. Though it’s open for visitors 24 hours, the best time to visit is between 3 PM and 5 PM.

Myndos Gate

Oasis Shopping Center Bodrum

On our every visit to Bordum, shopping from Oasis Shopping Center Bodrum is a must! This tranquil shopping mall boasts over 230 casual fashion stores, five different cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, dining, and outdoor play areas. This mall was specifically designed keeping in mind the Mediterranean climate of Bodrum, Turkey.

It features spacious, airy areas with 300-year-old olive trees, waterlily pools, cacti, palm trees, and date palms. My husband prefers to stay in these spaces with kids or in kids’ play areas, while I enjoy wandering and shopping to my best. Some of the brands this shopping center features are Roman, Penti, Mango Kids, Watsons, Journey, Chakra, Levi’s, etc.

After shopping, we went to the cinema to enjoy watching a movie while eating popcorn. After that, we went to Burger King to dip our hands in the best of their flavorful and delish burgers. Coffee from caffeine is a must!

Eski Köy Restaurant

Of the several restaurants we have tried in Bodrum, Italy, the one serving premium quality flavorsome food is Eski Köy Restaurant! The calm space of this restaurant featuring yellow hues, tempting odors, woody furniture, and the super attentive staff is what it’s mainly famous for.

They offer a wide range of Soups, Pitas, Wraps, Kebabs, Pizzas, Pasta, Salads, and Holt & Cold Beverages. I personally loved their Lamb Chops, Pita with Minced Meat and Egg, Spaghetti with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, and Shepherd’s Salad. Their Kunefe with Walnuts and Baklava Served with Ice Cream are must-try dishes. We usually pair our meals with their Ayran Eker to enjoy to our fullest.

Other worth drooling over dishes on their menu are Doner Kebab on Rice, Tortellini with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Mixed Pizza, Grilled Meatballs, Pita with Curd Cheese, Lentil Soup, etc. Among their dessert range, Tahini Pita, Hasır Kadayıf, and Flaky Pastry are some dishes one can’t resist eating.


That was all about the places I consider you must visit on your tour of Bodrum. Whether you are a traveler who likes to wander the streets of a travel destination or one who likes to explore the top tourist attractions, you will find Bodrum the best place to visit, either alone or with your family. You can explore most of this city in just 3-4 days. Why not include it on your next trip to Turkey?

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