What’s included in your Disneyland Paris stay?

When I go to Disneyland Paris, I try to prepare my trip as much as possible. For example, I have already check the opening times, the weather forecast, and the list of closed attractions. But I also decide whether to book the tickets and hotel separately, or as a package through the Disneyland Paris website.

Booking everything together is the most convenient. Especially now with the mandatory park reservations. When you book your hotel and tickets together on the Disneyland Paris website, access to the parks is guaranteed. If you book your tickets separately, you might have to make a reservation, which can be full at popular dates. You can of course risk it, but especially with little children, I would pick convenience.

When you book through the website, you get a Disneyland Paris package that you can expand with other options, like Disneyland Paris meal plans or Disney’s Premier Acces

What’s included in a Disneyland Paris package?

What's included in your Disneyland Paris stay?
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

There are two things included in a Disneyland Paris package, staying in a Disney Hotel, and entrance tickets. The tickets are for the number of nights + 1. So, if you are staying two nights, you will get tickets for three days. These tickets include park reservations, and access to both Disneyland Parks.

You can add additional things to this package, like breakfast, meal plans, and other extra’s, but know that they come at an extra cost.

Additional options

What's included in your Disneyland Paris stay?
Breakfast in Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

You can supplement your package with additional options. The most popular being breakfast. We would always advise to book this option. Why? Because the number of restaurants where you can get breakfast in Disneyland Paris are very limited. And, as you might expect, have long lines in the morning.

The most convenient option here is to just book breakfast and start your day peacefully instead of wandering around trying to find something to eat.

If you don’t want to worry about food during your stay at Disneyland Paris, you can add the Meal Plan. In doing so, you will receive vouchers that can be redeemed for meals at the Disney parks, Disney Village, or Disney Hotels. Although you have to pay for these vouchers, it’s often cheaper than ordering from the menu, especially if you are a big eater.

If you arrive by train, it’s advisable to add Disney Express to your stay. Here your suitcases will be brought to the hotel for you, whilst you can go to the parks and enjoy the rides. This is a convenient way to start your stay at Disneyland Paris. You’ll find the Disney Express desk in the train station. Just follow the signs to drop off your luggage and to receive your park tickets.

Another, a bit more expensive, thing you can add to your booking is Disney Premier Access Ultimate. This costs about €140 per person, per day, and gives you a one-time access to an expedited queue. Which means you’ll only wait for about 10 minutes or less. True luxury, but with a matching price tag.

Why book a Disneyland Paris package?

We get this question a lot, isn’t it cheaper to buy your stay and tickets separately? Normally, not. Especially when you plan on staying in a Disney Hotel. Here, it’s almost always cheaper to just buy the package.

It’s different when you plan on staying in an accommodation outside of Disneyland Paris, which are not operated by Disney. Here, you can usually get a good deal on a stay at the booking websites, and then it will be cheaper to buy the tickets separately.

The thing is though, all the Disney Hotels are within walking distance of the parks. So, no hassle with shuttle busses or other transportation. For me, that’s worth the extra money. Why? Because in the past, after the Disney Illuminations fireworks show, we walked back to the shuttle bus. Our feet hurt, we were tired, and just wanted to get back to the hotel.

We weren’t staying at a Disney Hotel, which means we had to wait for the shuttle bus for about 20 minutes. As thousands of people are leaving after the fireworks, there was a large crowd at the bus stop, and people were literally pushing and shoving to get on the bus. For us as adults that wasn’t fun, can you imagine how terrifying this is for little children.

In this article, we used the word convenience a lot, because that is what booking a Disneyland Paris package is. The convenience of not having to wait for a shuttle bus when the parks are closed, and knowing that you don’t have to make a reservation to get into the parks. For us, it’s worth it!

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