Where to find the best Disneyland Paris deals?

Visiting Disneyland Paris can be a costly undertaking. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save money, such as finding the best deals. 

Right now, there are these deals:

Save the most with the price calendar

The Disneyland Paris price calendar is the best tool to save on your visit. With this tool, you can see at a glance how much a stay costs. You choose the number of people, the hotel you want to stay in and the arrival date. 

Now you can see the total price per day in the calendar. 

But there is something else you should pay attention to: the calendar’s colours. This is because there are 5 colours that belong to a certain price level. Light blue is the lowest price, and pink is the highest price. 

Looking at the calendar now, you can see exactly whether the arrival date falls in the high or low rate. If the arrival date falls in a high rate, you can save!

  • Compare dates; going a day earlier or later can save hundreds of pounds.
  • Choose another hotel; the room’s price depends on the hotel’s occupancy. The fuller the hotel, the more expensive the rooms. This means you can still get a cheaper deal at a more expensive hotel.

Doing this smartly can save you hundreds of pounds on your stay. You will always get the best price, even if there are no deals. 

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