Getting to Disneyland Paris without a car

Are you planning a family trip to Disneyland Paris and don’t have access to a car? Don’t worry; it’s totally doable! While having your own vehicle can make things easier, there are plenty of other options for getting yourself and the kids there.

Do I need a car when visiting Disneyland Paris?

When you are staying on the Disneyland Paris resort you don’t need a car. All the Disney Hotels are within walking distance of the parks, and they offer a free shuttle to the park that departs every 20 minutes.

Other hotels in the area usually offer shuttle services as well, but make sure to check before booking. If the hotels don’t offer a shuttle, you can either get to the parks by taxi or the train if there is a station nearby.

The only Disney accommodation that doesn’t offer complimentary transportation is Disney Davy Crockett Ranch. If you’re staying here, you’ll need to either drive or take a taxi which will cost you €15 to €20 for every trip.

How to get to Disneyland Paris without a car?

There are multiple ways to travel to Disneyland Paris without a car:

  • Train – one of the most convenient ways to travel to Disneyland Paris without a car is going by train. The resort has its own train station located next to the parks. You can take a direct train from major cities in France and surrounding countries, or transfer to the local RER A line. Unfortunately, Eurostar will no longer offer a direct connection from London to the theme park. You will have to travel to either Paris or Lille to get to Disneyland Paris, and transfer from there, with the Paris station being the more convenient option.
  • Plane – it’s also pretty easy to travel to Disneyland Paris by plane. There are two large airports located just 30 minutes from the resort. You can fly to either Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport, and take a bus, train or taxi from there.
  • Bus – one of the cheapest ways to travel to Disneyland Paris is by taking the Flixbus. This bus service connects major European cities, like London, with the theme park. The trip will take about 10 hours and is done overnight, so you can sleep in the coach and wake up the next morning in Disneyland Paris.

Getting around the resort

When you arrive at the Disneyland Paris resort you won’t need a car. To get to the parks or Disney Village you can either walk or take a shuttle bus. If you want to visit the Val d’Europe shopping centre it’s just one stop with the RER-A line. And you can also take the train from the Disneyland Paris station to visit Paris or Versailles.

Going to Disneyland Paris without a car may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite manageable. The public transportation to the resort from major cities in Europe and the two Paris airports is pretty good. When you arrive at the resort you won’t need a car, so it’s not necessary to rent one or even take your own car. It’s usually faster to take the train to Disneyland Paris then to deal with traffic, which can be pretty bad in the Paris area.

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