You don’t want to miss these four things as a Disney fan visiting Disneyland Paris!

Are you a Disney fan? Or do you have a Disney lover at home? Then Disneyland Paris is one of the best places to visit in Europe. Here, you will be immersed in the world of fairy tales and superheroes. And even taken to a galaxy far, far away. Do you dream of visiting Disneyland Paris, or are you going there soon? Then there are four things you certainly don’t want to miss!

Encounters with Disney characters

Disneyland Paris is the best place to meet your favourite Disney characters in real life. You will encounter them in the two amusement parks and Disney Hotels. You can take a picture with them, ask them for an autograph and they are also happy to have a chat. Characters you can meet include Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses such as Belle and Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Goofy, and Toy Story characters.

The Disneyland Paris app lets you see which Disney characters you can meet during your visit. You can also see where you can find them and at what times.

Attractions based on Disney films

Many attractions in Disneyland Paris are based on famous Disney films—for example, the attraction Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland Park. Here, you fly with Peter Pan to Neverland on a pirate ship. Or the attraction Ratatouille The Adventure in the Walt Disney Studios Park where you visit the Gusteaus restaurant from the film. But there are many more attractions based on well-known films that you don’t want to miss as a true Disney fan.

Spend the night in a themed room

Disneyland Paris has six Disney hotels, all within walking distance of the theme parks. Each of these hotels has its own theme. Disney characters have been subtly incorporated into the rooms. For example, the Disneyland Hotel is based on the Disney princesses and has a royal theme. At Disney Hotel Cheyenne, you sleep in a room with a Toy Story theme. And fans of Cars can spend the night in style at Disney Hotel Santa Fe.

Original Disney souvenirs

Finally, you can shop endlessly in Disneyland Paris. Especially as a Disney fan, you should allow enough time for this because you are guaranteed to come home with some nice souvenirs. You can buy clothing, art and toys or a plush animal of your favourite Disney character. There are also smaller items such as pens, key rings, books and mugs for sale. Do you like collecting? Then, take a look at the Disney Pins. These are pins with Disney characters. You can find these in all Disney Parks worldwide; they are, therefore, perfect for collecting. And you can even trade them with other Disney fans!

As you have read, Disneyland Paris is one of the best places to go as a Disney fan. Are you curious about what a visit costs? Then, check the Disneyland Paris website for the best prices and flexible conditions.

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