Disneyland Paris pushchair/wheelchair rental and why you should bring your own

Last year I injured my ankle a few weeks before my Disneyland Paris trip. Walking in the house was already a big challenge, and I couldn’t imagine doing the same thing at the Disney Parks. We phoned our travel agent to see if we could reschedule or cancel, but since we booked through a third party, we weren’t able to use the flexible conditions Disneyland Paris offers.

So, we decided to go and see what would happen. Fortunately, Disneyland Paris offers wheelchair (and pushchair) rentals in the parks if I wasn’t able to walk, and we got one as soon as we entered the parks. This is my experience.

Renting a wheelchair/pushchair in the parks

Disneyland Paris has two rental locations, one in Disneyland Park and one in Walt Disney Studios Park. Both locations offer wheelchairs and pushchairs that you can rent on a daily basis.

The pushchairs, or strollers, cost €20 per day with a €50 deposit. Wheelchairs are also €20 per day; however, you need to pay a €250 deposit. Let that sink in; at the start of your day in Disneyland Paris, you are already down €250 and haven’t seen a ride or character. Of course, you will get the deposit back once you turn in the pushchair or wheelchair, but still, it’s a hefty amount.

Another thing that surprised us was the long line at the rental location in Disneyland Park. It wasn’t even a busy day but we had to wait about 30 minutes before we got the wheelchair.

What I wish I had known before renting

We knew beforehand that the wheelchair wasn’t the most comfortable model and that my husband would get quite the workout.

One of the things we didn’t know was that wheelchairs – and pushchairs alike – are not allowed in the queue. You need to leave them outside the attraction at a designated area. The wheelchair or stroller is marked. However, that didn’t stop people from taking the wrong chair. It happens more often with strollers, and we’ve helped multiple families find theirs during our stay.

Also, make sure to take all items out of your stroller and don’t leave a bag on the handles of your wheelchair. Disneyland Paris is a magical and safe space, but sometimes guests aren’t as wholesome, and stuff will get lost or stolen.

Another thing we knew in advance is that renting a wheelchair doesn’t mean you will get a disability pass to access the shorter queues. We were surprised, however, to see that lots of other people didn’t know this and were arguing with the staff to let them in the disability entrance.

To access this queue, you need either a Priority or Easy Access Card, which you can only get when you have a permanent disability that you can prove with official documents. A doctor’s note isn’t sufficient; having your leg in a cast isn’t either. It’s hard to believe, but in the past, people actually would put on a cast (crazy!) or rent a wheelchair just to skip the lines. Unfortunately, this means that nowadays, Disneyland Paris is more strict on who gets a disability pass.

Why you should bring your own wheelchair or pushchair to Disneyland Paris

Knowing what I know now, I would always bring my own wheelchair or stroller when visiting Disneyland Paris.

Especially the strollers didn’t look very comfortable, had little shade, and couldn’t be pushed back in a laying position. Bringing your own would certainly be a much better experience for your little one. And you won’t have to deal with the lines at the pushchair rental location (or the deposit).

For wheelchairs, it’s even more important to bring your own as the supply is very limited, and they can even run out of wheelchairs on busy days. The chair isn’t very comfortable and not really meant to sit in for the entire day. Also, we had someone trying to take ours outside one of the rides. They probably thought they were free to take.

The one thing though, if you bring your own pushchair or wheelchair, keep in mind that people might take it. You will need to leave it outside the rides, and most of the time, you will be fine, but for some peace of mind, maybe bring a lock you can put through the wheels. Keep in mind that you can’t attach it to anything or Disney will remove it.

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