My Disneyland Paris packing list (after over a 100 visits)

One of the things I learned from all my Disneyland Paris visits is that I always bring too much stuff with me. Most items in my suitcase go back unused, even though I had to carry them everywhere. That’s why I created a Disneyland Paris packing list with all the essential items I need to bring with me besides clothing, underwear, phone chargers, etc.

Travel essentials

These are the items you need to travel to Disneyland Paris.


When you travel to Disneyland Paris, you need a passport. If you are coming from the UK, then it needs to be valid for at least 6 more months on the Travel Day. In the parks you won’t need it so it’s best to leave your passport at the hotel.

Travel Insurance

It’s always great to book insurance when you pay a lot of money for a trip. You never know what the future brings. We had one of our items damaged in Disneyland Paris, and on another visit, we had to leave early because a family member unexpectedly passed away. Luckily, our insurance paid for the damages.

GHIC (for people from the UK)

Accidents happen, even in Disneyland. So, if you want to make sure you can visit a doctor if you need to then you need to apply for a GHIC (previously EHIC) to cover your medical costs outside the UK.


When we travel to Disneyland Paris, we always bring all three of the above payment methods. Cash to pay for small items or for when the cards aren’t working. Debit cards for smaller payments and credit cards for bigger splurges and meals. There are cash machines in the parks and Disney Village for when you need a little more.

Optional: Toll Badge

We always go to Disneyland Paris by car. This means that we have to use a toll road, where you get a ticket at the start and pay for it at the end. Either my car is too big or my arms are too small, but I’m always struggling to get the ticket or pay for it. That’s why we opted for a Toll Badge. Now we can use a separate lane without stopping, and we automatically pay for it. Perfect!

Optional: proof of disability or doctor’s note

If you need special assistance during your Disneyland Paris visit, you can apply for a Priority or Easy Access Pass. Those passes will give you access to all rides with little to no wait. The rules to get one of these cards are pretty strict, and you will need specific documentation to get it. Make sure to bring this; otherwise, they won’t give you the card.


When packing for Disneyland Paris, bring comfortable clothes for the parks and nicer clothes for the restaurant or bar at night. Don’t bring new shoes, and leave your high heels for the evening. There is no dress code in restaurants, but they won’t like it if you are too casual. Bring a blouse, some nice shoes, or a jacket just in case.

Sneakers or walking shoes

In Disneyland Paris, you will be walking a lot. We take about 21.000 steps per day when we are at the resort, which is over 15 kilometres or 9.5 miles. Even on the most comfortable shoes, your feet will hurt. A few years ago, I decided to wear Birkenstock sandals to the parks thinking those would be fine. At the end of the day, the bottom of my foot was one giant blister, leaving me unable to walk for the rest of my stay. Therefore, bring shoes you can walk on for hours. Otherwise, you will regret it, just like I did.

Bathing suit

All Disney Hotels, with the exception of Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe, have a large indoor and outdoor pool. Some even have a hot tub or slide. It’s a great way to relax your muscles after a day in the parks, but don’t forget to bring your bathing suit! They do sell some at the pools, but they are not very fashionable.


During the winter, socks will keep your feet nice and warm. On hot summer days, they will keep your feet dry and free of blisters.


This one is optional, but when you are walking in the hotel, it’s nice to have comfortable slippers instead of your walking shoes. If you are visiting the pool flip-flops, come in handy.

Winter Clothing

Winters can get pretty cold in Disneyland Paris, so come prepared. Bring a warm winter coat that isn’t bulky or you won’t fit on the rides. If you need a little more warmth, you can add a sweater or thermal shirt underneath. Also, bring gloves, a scarf, warm socks, and a beanie to stay warm when waiting in an outside queue or watching the parade. Bring at least two pairs of shoes so you can switch when they get wet.

Summer clothing

Summers, on the other hand, can get pretty hot, my blister story above was on a 38-degrees Celsius/100-degree Fahrenheit day. That’s how hot it gets! Bring light clothing, preferably sportswear, to stay fresh when sweating. Bring sneakers or running shoes, and leave your sandals at the hotel. People will step on your foot or run over it with a stroller, not on purpose, of course, but it can cause injury that might impact your holiday.

For the parks

Try to bring as little to the parks as possible. You probably won’t use it, but you will be carrying it around the whole day. Bring only the essentials you need for your family, and don’t bring anything that you don’t want to lose.

Small backpack

Take a small backpack with you and use it for the parks. Only bring what fits in it, like your wallet, keys, maybe some wet wipes or sanitiser, a water bottle, and small snacks. If you need medication, you can bring it, but pack light. You need to take your bag with you on the rides, and it will get old really quickly trying to fit the large bag in the small ride vehicle. Also, it’s not advised to leave the bag on your stroller, as things will go missing.

Refillable water bottle

Drinks in Disneyland Paris are pretty expensive, so if you would like to save some money, bring a refillable water bottle. There are several water fountains in Disneyland Paris, usually located near the bathrooms. It is safe to drink the water, even though it tastes a bit like chlorine. If you don’t like the water, there is a grocery store about 10 minutes from Disneyland Paris, where you can get bottles of water or any other drink you like.


Little accidents happen, like scratched knees, blisters, a scratch or cuts. That’s why I always bring bandaids with me to Disneyland Paris. Somehow I always end up using them for myself or another family who didn’t bring them. You can also get bandaids at the first aid post located near the entrance to both Disney Parks.

Autograph book and pen

This one is really fun! Disney characters can sign autograph books when you meet them. For this, you need a notebook and pen. You can buy those at the parks, but it’s cheaper to bring them from home.

Umbrella/poncho/rain gear

Rain is not uncommon in Disneyland Paris so come prepared. Bring an umbrella or poncho from home if you don’t want to buy them at a premium in the parks.

Needed for your visit or stay

Tickets or Annual Pass

If you did not book a Disneyland Paris package, you would need tickets or an annual pass to access the parks. Tickets can be added to the Disneyland Paris app, so you don’t need to bring them physically. For Annual Passes, you need to scan the cards at the entrance. Don’t forget to make a park reservation if you have an undated ticket or annual pass.

Hotel reservation and passport for check-in

At check-in, they will only ask for your name and passport, but we always have the reservation documents nearby, just in case. At check-in, you will receive an envelope with everything you need during your stay.

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