How to use the Disneyland Paris Shuttle Bus?

One of the biggest benefits of staying in a Disney Hotel is the walking distance to the parks. Each of these hotels is located between a 5 to 20-minute walk from the parks. But why walk when you can take the free shuttle bus, right?

Even though the Disneyland Paris shuttle bus is pretty convenient and won’t cost you anything, most people still opt to walk. And I am one of them. Not sure if taking the bus is the best option for you? Let’s take a look!

About the shuttle busses

Most hotels near Disneyland Paris offer a shuttle bus to the parks, even if they are within walking distance, like the Disney Hotels. The bus stops in front of the hotel and will take you to the parks in about 10 minutes. Most hotels have their own shuttle bus, but some might share.

The buses typically start at least 30 minutes before the parks open and run about one to two hours after the park closes. This gives you some time to do some shopping in Disney Village before leaving for the hotel.

Where do they stop?

There are two bus stops, one next to the Disneyland Paris station and one near the Disney Village Parking Garage. Most shuttle buses, like those from Disney Hotels, will go to the bus stop near the station.

Busses coming from hotels in the city of Serris, like Aparthotel Adagio or Hotel L’Elysee Val d’Europe, will stop at the other bus stop. When you get off the bus, make sure to take a photo of the bus stop so you know where to go when you need to take the bus back.

Why I never use the Disneyland Paris shuttle bus

Over the years, we stayed at most hotels near Disneyland Paris. If we stay at one of the Disney Hotels, we always walk to the parks as that is normally faster than taking the bus.

The buses can also get pretty crowded around park opening and closing, with people pushing and shoving to get on. After experiencing this once with my elderly mom being pushed away because someone couldn’t wait for the next bus, I decided to walk to the parks instead.

If you are staying at a Disney Hotel or Partner Hotel, you can park for free at the Disneyland Paris parking lot if you don’t feel like walking. But usually, the distance from your car to the entrance is just as far as from the hotel.

For Partner Hotels and other hotels in the area, using the shuttle bus may be your only option. Try to use it right before or a little after the park opening/closure to avoid the crowds. And always take a photo of the bus schedule before leaving the hotel.

Finally, Disney Davy Crockett is the only Disney accommodation without a shuttle bus. You can only reach this resort by car or taxi.

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