Booking a table in a Disneyland Paris restaurant: it’s that easy!

If I’ve learned anything from all my visits to Disneyland Paris, it’s that restaurants are often busier than you might expect. Especially around peak times like lunch and dinner. If you can make a reservation, I would always do so.

Making a reservation for a Disneyland Paris restaurant used to be quite a hassle. You had to call a foreign phone number and would be addressed in English or French. Reservations can still be done by phone, you now have to call the regular number of the Disneyland Paris contact center.

But there is an easier way!

How do you reserve a table in a Disneyland Paris restaurant?

The easiest way is to reserve a table via the Disneyland Paris app. This can be done 2 months in advance. This seems far away but I would definitely make the reservation as soon as possible.

On the day itself, you can contact the concierge at your Disney Hotel or the restaurant to make a reservation. But there is a chance that the restaurant will be full at your desired times. This also applies if you want to visit the restaurant without making reservations. There just has to be a spot available for you.

Therefore, my tip, if you can make reservations do it. And use those 2 months in advance to score the best times.

But how do you do that?

When you open the Disneyland Paris app you’ll see a picture of Mickey with 3 blocks underneath. The middle one is Reserve a table. You’ll need that one.

Once you have clicked on it you will see a list of restaurants where you can make reservations. You can then browse through these and view the menus. But I would first enter your desired day. You will be asked to select a date and the number of persons.

Then you will immediately see a list of the restaurants that are still available and for which times you can make reservations.

Making a reservation is easy, all you have to do is log in to your Disney account and enter your phone number. Do you have meal vouchers you want to use? If so, let them know in advance as well.

Did it work? Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can also see your reservations under My Profile (the little figure at the bottom right) in the app. You can also cancel or change the reservation here if necessary.

Is reserving a table at Disneyland Paris necessary?

My boyfriend hates planning days. He just wants to go to a restaurant when he gets hungry and eat there. Making reservations 2 months in advance is just nonsense to him.

And of course I agree with him, but it also limits your choice.

We will soon be staying at Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel for a few nights and I wanted to try the buffet restaurant. When it was time to make a reservation I could only choose 22:00 as my arrival time. Well that’s when I usually don’t feel like eating anymore.

So yes, reservations go fast. And without them you have little chance to eat at the most popular restaurants.

Do I have to make reservations at every Disneyland Paris restaurant?

No. Many restaurants in Disneyland Paris fortunately do not work with a reservation system. This means that sometimes you have to stand in line for a table, for example at Annette’s Diner, but you are almost always able to eat at your favorite restaurant.

Also at the restaurants where you can reserve a table this is not always necessary. Especially if you go around 14:00 or half past two. Usually by then it is possible at most restaurants in the two Disney parks to get in without a reservation.

This also applies to lunch in Disney Village. The restaurants in this area are then open but because everyone is in the parks, they are often wonderfully quiet.

We then usually have a more elaborate lunch without having to wait and get a snack or small meal in the evening.

What if I can’t get a table reservation at Disneyland Paris?

Can’t get a reservation at your favorite restaurant in Disneyland Paris? Then there are still ways to get in. In fact, anyone can reserve a table, regardless of whether they actually go. So be sure to check in with the restaurant on the day and ask if they have a table available.

The new reservation system through the app has made it easier to make reservations, which unfortunately also means that reservations will run out faster. In Walt Disney World they have come up with a system for this where you have to pay every time you don’t show up, in Disneyland Paris it is not like that.

When I wanted to make reservations 2 months in advance, only the restaurant at Hotel New York: the Art of Marvel was full. The other restaurants actually all still had times available.

For lunch especially in the Disney Parks, for dinner in Disney Village or the Hotels.

And is there really no room at your favorite restaurant? Then there are plenty of other restaurants in Disneyland Paris to choose from!

The photos in the article are from Bistro Chez Remy, the Ratatouille restaurant in Walt Disney Studios Park. This is one of those restaurants where I would definitely make reservations.

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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