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The Royal Pub - ©Disney

On the 17th of February, a brand new restaurant opened at Disney Village called The Royal Pub. It’s in the old King Ludwig’s Castle Restaurant building, near the World of Disney store. In this brand-new English pub, you will find a selection of craft beers, all day breakfast, snacks, and some meals on the menu, and they even have a daily happy hour.

Let’s look at all the things this Pub has to offer!


The new Royal Pub is located in Disney Village, which is the area of the Disney complex situated between the two Disney Parks, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios, and the Disney Hotels. You can find the Pub on the right-hand side of the Parks, just next to the Billy Bob Saloon and La Grange restaurant.

From 5:30 to 7 pm, they have Happy Hour, where they serve beers and wines at a discount. Happy Hour is usually the most popular time at the restaurant, so make sure to get there on time if you don’t want to miss it. If you are just their to enjoy a few drinks, then look for a seat on the terrace.

On the Royal Pub menu

The Royal Pub menu
The Royal Pub Menu – ©Disney

The Royal Pub also offers a full range of food items. From snacks to burgers and even desserts. Some examples are:

  • Pastrami Club Sandwich – €23
  • Royal Burger – €24
  • Fish and Chips – €22
  • Guinness Braised Beef – €26
  • Finger Food Board – €22
  • Authentic Pies – €9.50 – €11
  • Sundaes – €12

The food at the pub is quite pricey, but it’s to be expected when you’re visiting Disneyland Paris. Generally, most people go to the restaurant for drinks, as the prices are more in line with what you would expect for the area. However, if you’re looking for a quality meal, the pub might be an option, albeit an expensive one.

Drinks are also pretty expensive, with beers costing between €6.50 and €11. During Happy Hour prices are reduced to €5-€11, which is a nice discount. The restaurant also offers popular German beers from when it was King Ludwig’s Castle.

And finally, you can get cocktails, coffee, tea, and other drinks throughout the day.

Should you visit The Royal Pub?

The Royal Pub at Disneyland Paris is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a beverage after a fun-filled day of exploring the parks. With its classic pub atmosphere, this restaurant offers a much-needed respite from all the vibrant Disney excitement.

Guests can enjoy the cosy atmosphere, complete with wooden furnishings, traditional decor, and a selection of classic pub foods. The restaurant also features a variety of beers, wines, ciders, and spirits, making it the perfect spot for adults to kick back, relax, and unwind.

This restaurant might not be the best option if you are just looking for a place to eat. The food is pretty expensive, and you can find cheaper burgers and sandwiches at other Disney Village restaurants. And the traditional pub food you can probably get at lower prices at home. Finally, as with other pubs, this might not be the best place to take little children, even though they can enjoy the food and even the mocktails.

The Royal Pub Guinness braised beef
Guinness Braised Beef – ©Disney


  • For burgers – Disney Village has multiple burger restaurants, like Annette’s Diner, Five Guys, and even McDonald’s.
  • Sandwiches – Earl of Sandwich and the New York Style Sandwich restaurant offer a good selection of sandwiches.
  • Drinks – Disneyland Paris has many great bars, like the Sports Bar at Disney Village and the Skyline Bar at Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.
  • Affordable family food – If you are looking for affordable family food, go to one of the fast food places in the parks or Disney Village, as the ones with table service are far more expensive.

Download the Royal Pub menu

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