Our favourite quick service restaurants in Disneyland Paris

Quick-service restaurants in Disneyland Paris are great when looking for an affordable meal in the parks. They offer burgers, pizza, fries, and even BBQ and rotisserie chicken. But the best thing? You don’t need a reservation and can even order your meals through the Disneyland Paris app.

Let’s look at our favourite counter service restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Hyperion Café/Restaurant En Coulisse

Hyperion Café is a quick-service restaurant in Discoveryland in Disneyland Park. It’s in a large building next to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, with a zeppelin sticking out the front.

On the menu, there are mainly burgers and fries. They do have some salads, but they are nothing special. Each season they offer a speciality burger, for Halloween they had a burger with black buns that looked really creepy. My favourite is the premium cheeseburger, which is just a standard cheeseburger but very filling.

Restaurant en Coulisse in Walt Disney Studios Park has a similar menu to Café Hyperion, so if you are in the mood for a burger, you don’t need to travel far.

Pizzeria Bella Notte

Are you in the mood for some pizza? Then go to Pizzeria Bella Notte in Fantasyland in Disneyland Park. This park is home to two pizza restaurants – the other is Colonel Hathi’s Outpost -but we prefer Bella Notte because of the theming. The menus are pretty similar, though.

We always get a pizza when we visit this restaurant. The pizzas are shaped like Mickey Mouse and taste pretty good. When I’m not hungry but need a snack, then I get the Mickey kid’s pizza or garlic bread which are both pretty affordable.

Even though the restaurant is themed after Lady and the Tramp, recently, it expanded with a Luca section with colourful art from the movie on the wall.

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue

Are you looking for a quick-service restaurant in Disneyland Paris with the best smell? Then definitely go to Cowboy Cookout Barbecue. You can smell the bbq from miles away.

The signature dish at this restaurant is the bbq platter with ribs, sausage, and chicken. You can also opt for one of those as a full meal. My go-to is the spare ribs, while my husband enjoys the grilled chicken. One of the best things is that those meals are the same price as a hamburger meal at other quick service restaurants, perfect if you want to enjoy something different from burgers and fries.

You can find this restaurant in Frontierland in Disneyland Park between Big Thunder Mountain and the Frontierland train station.

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is the best place to get a hotdog in Disneyland Paris. This restaurant is located in Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland Park overlooking the castle. On the menu are several hotdogs; you can get the plain one and at your favourite sauce to it, or order one of the speciality hotdogs with cheese, chilli or nachos on them.

The only downside is the prices because €10 for a plain hotdog is really expensive. You don’t even get fries or a drink with it. And even though the hotdogs are pretty big and tasty, they are not really worth the steep prices.

Toad Hall

Are you in the mood for some fish and chips in Disneyland Paris? Then go to Toad Hall in Fantasyland in Disneyland Park. The restaurant is next to Peter Pan’s Flight near the Mickey Mouse meet and greet. Here they offer just two items on the menu: fish and chips and vegan fish and chips, served with a (vegan) tarter sauce or ketchup. We like that it’s something different than burgers and fries, and while tasty, the fish and chips probably aren’t as good as your local pub.

Stark Factory

Stark Factory is one of the few quick-service restaurants in Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s located in Avengers Campus and has many details from the Marvel universe. The menu isn’t as adventurous as it offers pizza, pasta, and salads. The salads are some of the better ones on the property. The pizza and pasta are also pretty good, and with lots of seating, this restaurant is great on sunny or rainy days to take some time out of the weather.

Restaurant Hakuna Matata

And finally, Restaurant Hakuna Matata, an African-inspired restaurant in Adventureland near the Bazar. The food is pretty adventurous and might not be for everyone. We tried the vegan chakalaka, with sliced vegetables and rice, and the pulled beef sandwich with sweet potato fries. Both meals are pretty filling and felt somewhat healthy, but if you have picky eaters, you might want to skip this restaurant.

Good to know about the Disneyland Paris Quick Service Restaurants

  • You don’t need reservations, but the restaurants can get pretty crowded, so grab a table before getting your food.
  • Some restaurants like Café Hyperion, Casey’s Corner, and Restaurant Hakuna Matata offer mobile ordering through the Disneyland Paris app. This is a real timesaver as the counters’ queues can get long.
  • Most items you can get as a menu can also order a la carte. We usually share a menu and add some fries or a small burger on the side, which is cheaper than getting two meals.
  • Prices range between €9-€11 for a food item like a burger or hotdog and €14-€17 for a menu with fries, drink, and dessert.

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