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Annettes Diner at Disneyland Paris burger

One of the most difficult things in Disneyland Paris is finding something to eat. Not because there is a lack of restaurants but because there is an abundance of choice. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, there are lots of great restaurants with great theming, impressive menus, and maybe not as impressive pricing.

Our Disneyland Paris Restaurant Guide will help you decide on the best places to eat in the parks, Disney Village or Disney Hotels.

Types of Restaurants in Disneyland Paris

There are three types of restaurants in Disneyland Paris:

  • Counter Service restaurants are the cheapest option for a meal in Disneyland Paris. You order your food at the counter or through the Disneyland Paris app, and then you will need to find a table to eat at. Prices for a menu with a drink and dessert vary between €12 and €18.
  • Table Service restaurants have a waiting staff that will bring the food to your table. The pace is slightly more relaxed than at Counter Service restaurants, but the prices will be much higher. Depending on the restaurant, a three-course meal will cost anything from €35 to €90.
  • Buffet Restaurants have an all-you-can-eat buffet for a fixed price. That can be pretty high, but when you consider that starters, main dishes, and desserts are included, they are a better deal than the Table Service restaurants. Prices for the buffet restaurants start at €35 and will go up to almost €50 per person.

Restaurant prices vary based on the meals, location, popularity, and whether Disney characters are present at the restaurant.

How is the food?

Don’t worry; you won’t have to eat snails (escargots) or other slimy creatures during your stay. If you don’t want to, of course!

Most of the food in Disneyland Paris is influenced by the US. So, expect lots of hamburgers, fries, pizza, and the occasional hotdog. This is especially true for the counter service restaurants, where you can order typical fast food.

Table Service restaurants have a bit more options and mostly serve meat, fish or vegetarian dishes with fries, greens, or rice on the side. If I’m honest, the food is nothing really special. It’s ok, and you have many options, especially considering you are in a theme park. And, I do have to add that I hardly ever had anything I didn’t like, except for a grilled cheese sandwich once that was really dry.

We do really love breakfast at Disneyland Paris. Each Disney Hotel has a breakfast buffet with fresh bread, pastries, fruit, juices, coffee, eggs, and more. The croissants taste so much better in France, and I always gain at least 5 pounds when I’m in Disneyland just by eating them.

Best places to eat

Bistrot Chez Rémy

The best places to eat depend on your preferences and itinerary. For us, we really enjoy breakfast at the Disney Hotels. We go to Disney Village for a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich or a burger at Annette’s for lunch. Restaurants in the parks are really crowded during lunch, whilst Disney Village is nice and quiet.

We have a few favourites for dinner, like Downtown Restaurant, a buffet in Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel that serves Italian, Asian, and American food. We also like PYM Kitchen, a buffet restaurant in Avengers Campus, Chez Remy, a French restaurant themed after the Ratatouille movie, The Steakhouse in Disney Village, and the Rendez Vous Gourmand food trucks that are present during the summer and winter.

If we want a quick bite, we go to Hyperion Café to grab a burger, Bella Notte for a Mickey pizza and garlic bread, a very expensive hotdog at Casey’s Corner or BBQ at Cowboy Cookout BBQ. We used to enjoy the kebab on the menu at Restaurant Hakuna Matata, but unfortunately, that’s no longer there.

Check out the full list of the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris.

How important is it to book a table?

Very important! Really, don’t underestimate the popularity of Disneyland Paris restaurants. Even though they are pretty expensive, they are booked weeks, if not months, in advance.

Disney Hotel guests can book their dining reservations 12 months in advance, and other guests only two months. Once you link your booking to your Disneyland Paris account, you will be good to go, and you can start making reservations through the Disneyland Paris app.

If a restaurant is unavailable, keep checking back. We wanted to make a reservation for Downtown Restaurants 4 months out, as we had a room booked at Sequoia Lodge. However, the tables didn’t come available until two months in advance, at a little before noon. So keep checking if the restaurant is not available, as availability will often be added.

Is the meal plan worth it?

The Disneyland Paris meal plan allows you to pay for your meals in advance. The meal plan includes breakfast with one or two meals a day. You can use the meal plan at most restaurants in the Parks and Disney Hotels, and some in Disney Village.

This will only save you some money if you eat at table service or buffet restaurants, but it can be more convenient knowing how much money you will spend on food in Disneyland Paris.

Recently, we’ve written a post about whether the Disneyland Paris meal is worth it based on our experience; if you haven’t read it, make sure to check it out!

PYM Kitchen

Save money on food

As in other theme parks, food in Disneyland Paris can be pretty expensive. Especially when travelling with a family. Even breakfast will set you back at least €100 without even going to the parks.

You could do a few things to save money on food in Disneyland Paris.

  • Read our guide about the cheapest restaurants in Disneyland Paris to know where to eat. The Counter Service restaurants are the cheapest option.
  • Bring food and snacks from home. Also, bring a water bottle you can fill for free at one of the water fountains. (not all food can be brought from outside the EU to France, you can find the list here) You can also buy food, snacks and drinks at the supermarket at Val d’Europe.
  • Share meals or order a main dish and an additional side. This is what we usually do if we want to save money.
  • Eat outside Disneyland Paris at one of the restaurants in the Val d’Europe shopping centre.
  • Stay in the cabins at Davy Crockett Ranch or apartments at Villages Nature Paris or Aparthotel Adagio and cook your own meals. Val d’Europe shopping centre has a large supermarket where you can find everything you need.
  • Choose a fixed menu or buy the meal plans when eating at a Table Service restaurant.

Our restaurant reviews

Want to learn more about our experience at the Disneyland Paris restaurants? Check out the reviews below. (more reviews will be added soon)

Walt Disney Studios Park

Disney Hotels

  • Downtown Restaurant
  • Manhattan restaurant
  • Yacht Club
  • Cape Cod
  • Beaver Creek
  • Chuck Wagon Cafe
  • La Cantina
  • Davy Crockett

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