Walt Disney Studios Park restaurants overview and reviews

Walt Disney Studios Park is the smallest of the two Disneyland Paris parks and has fewer rides and restaurants than the adjacent Disneyland Park. It is home to just a handful of restaurants, with the most popular located in Avengers Campus.

Let’s look at the food offerings in this park and which restaurants you want to eat at (and which you want to skip).

Overview of Walt Disney Studios Park restaurants

Counter Service restaurants

For a more affordable meal in Walt Disney Studios Park, you can visit one of the Counter Service restaurants. Here you order your meal at the counter and will pick it up yourself afterwards. There is no table service, which means lower prices, but mostly fast food.

The counter service restaurants in Walt Disney Studios Park are:

  • Stark Factory in Avengers Campus – for pizza, pasta, salads, and even vegan options
  • Restaurant En Coulisse in Frontlot (inside the studio building) – mostly burgers and fries. Don’t forget to mobile order if you don’t want to wait in line.

Table Service Restaurants

If you want to enjoy a nice sitdown meal in a themed restaurant, then visit one of the Table Service restaurants in Walt Disney Studios Park:

  • PYM Kitchen in Avengers Campus – all-you-can-eat style buffet with burgers, fries, hotdogs, grilled vegetables and meats. Themed after a laboratory from the Ant-Man stories.
  • Bistrot Chez Rémy in Worlds of Pixar, next to the Ratatouille ride – a cute bistrot with a French menu themed after Ratatouille.

Both restaurants are very popular, and reservations are booked months in advance. Make your reservation as soon as possible through the Disneyland Paris app if you want to eat at one of these two restaurants. This can be done 12 months in advance for Disney Hotel guests and for other guests two months in advance.

Snack locations and quick bites

And finally, there are several snack locations in Walt Disney Studios Park where you can grab drinks, ice cream, and small snacks.

  • Several food trucks throughout the park serve drinks and some hot and cold snacks like grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, or French fries. The menu may differ per location.
  • WEB Food Truck in Avengers Campus serves Asian food.
  • FAN-tastic Food Truck has hotdogs and a chocolate cheesecake on a stick.
  • Super Diner in Avengers Campus is where you can get the famous Reuben Sandwich.

Learn more about the restaurants in Avengers Campus.

Le Rendez Vous Gourmand/L’Hiver Gourmand (food booths)

During the summer and winter, there are food booths in Walt Disney Studios Park that serve local French dishes and food from other European countries. This is called Rendez Vous Gourmand in the summer and L’Hiver Gourmand in the winter.

At the bootsh, you get samples, so no full meals, which makes it easier to try several food options without getting full. The samples cost anything between €5 and €8 based on the type of food.

You can also taste wines and beers from the regions or European countries, like a beer from Belgium or Germany or a real champagne from the Champagne region in France.

What are our favourite restaurants in Walt Disney Studios Park?

Throughout the years, we have tried all restaurants in Walt Disney Studios Park, including the food booths during Le Rendez Vous Gourmand and several snack locations.

We really enjoy the sit-down restaurants PYM Kitchen and Bistrot Chez Rémy. PYM Kitchen is perfect for picky eaters but might not be the best for people on a diet. We love the cheesecake, burgers, hotdogs and jambalaya. Bistrot Chez Rémy has a really cute theming, and the menu has many options, even if you are not into French cuisine. We usually order the Emile menu, with mixed greens as a starter, the grilled steak as a main course and the chocolate mousse as dessert.

We usually go to Restaurant En Coulisse for a more affordable meal and get a burger. They are not the best burgers you can get in Disneyland Paris, but they are pretty good, and the mobile order option makes it easier to get food on crowded days. The restaurant has lots of seating but get a table first before getting your food because we’ve had multiple instances where there weren’t any tables available.

We ate at Star Factory once, and though we like the theming, the food was not that great. Both the pizza and pasta missed flavour, and with other food options in the parks, we tend to skip this restaurant.

And finally, the food booths during Le Rendez Vous Gourmand are great for a quick snack when you are not hungry. There aren’t a lot of tables, so order something you can eat while standing. We enjoy tasting several food items from different booths, but for a full meal, we tend to go to one of the restaurants above.

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